Dear Readers! We Have a Thank You and a Gift …

Dear Maine Crime Writers’ readers,

At the start of 2019, we’d like to thank you for your for your engagement and feedback and love of mysteries, thrillers, and crime fiction.

Thank you!

So, From Maine Crime Writers to YOU … please accept a free Kindle copy (or perhaps an actual, physical book) of one of our mysteries.

We’ve made it easy. Just read the various author invitations, choose one, and click on the email link you find in the invitation. (Of course our books will go out to early responders as we still have to keep the lights on and buy pet food, so don’t delay! Chose your favorite writer or get to know another author. (Supplies are limited.)

Email your name with a subject line of “mcw gift.” That’s it! We’ll have your Kindle mystery sent to you.

(If you’d rather gift the Kindle mystery to friend or family, send your name and that special person’s name, email, and maybe a brief message we can pass along. Like this: “Liz, think you will enjoy this mystery! Your mom.”)

We so appreciate your enthusiasm for our stories of mayhem, tangled relationships, revenge, criminal behavior, and Maine settings we love to color with more trouble than they deserve.

Thank You!


Author Sandra Neily: I am so grateful for readers who’ve loved this mystery and its mix of illegal wolves, a wayward retriever, a middle-aged female narrator unafraid of Maine’s deep north woods and lots of unpredictable wildlife. Named a 2018 Maine Literary Award finalist and reviewed as “… a beautiful book that brilliantly captures the battle to conserve Maine’s mythical woods… ,” Deadly Trespass, can now be yours. With a subject line of “mcw gift,” please email your name (or your name, recipient’s name & email) to


Author Lea Wait: For anyone who hasn’t checked out my Shadows Antique Print series, this is the time to read the first in the series, Shadows at the Fair, for free! It introduces antique print dealer and community college professor Maggie Summer, who is attending a weekend antiques fair in New York State. A little like Agatha Christie’s house parties in the country, there is a murder …. and then another murder .. and both must be solved before all the dealers pack up and leave late afternoon Sunday. Send your email address to me at, and I’ll get the e-book out to you! After all — everyone needs something new to read in the New Year! Happy 2019! Sorry – no requests after January 1. Author Susan Vaughan: I’m so grateful to my readers who’ve made ALWAYS A SUSPECT the bestseller of all my romantic suspense novels. Here’s a short blurb. Persecuted widow Claire Saint-Ange thinks the P.I. she hired is her defender, here to clear her name and protect her from anonymous threats, but instead he was sent to this coastal Maine town to uncover her darkest secrets—and maybe put her behind bars. Federal agent Michael Quinn thinks she’s a criminal, but her gentle soul and passion make him long to believe in her innocence. If you would like a free Kindle copy, email your name with a subject line of “mcw gift” to by Jan. 5, and I’ll draw 2 names.

Author Maureen Milliken: The best thing about being a writer? People reading your books, of course. I’m also committed to portraying the great state of Maine, as well as the life of a journalist, in a way that those who are familiar will say “Right!” and those who aren’t will understand. My Bernie O’Dea mystery series takes place in Maine’s Franklin County, where protagonist Bernie O’Dea owns and operates a weekly newspaper. I’m offering a copy of my first book, COLD HARD NEWS, to those who may not be familiar with the series. I’m also offering a copy of the third in the series, BAD NEWS TRAVELS FAST, released in October, to those who may have read the first two, but haven’t read the third yet. Please email me at with “mcw gift and either CHN or BNTF” to receive a free Kindle copy of one or the other. Deadline on the offer is midnight Jan. 1 EST — once the clock chimes Jan. 2 in Maine, no more free books! Thanks for reading!

Author Barbara Ross: Until midnight January 1, 2019 only.  I have a brand new book out and it’s time to celebrate! Send me an email at barbaraross at maineclambakemysteries dot com with “mcw gift” in the subject line and I’ll send you a kindle copy of Steamed Open, the latest Maine Clambake Mystery. (I’m traveling, so you won’t get it until evening.)

“Honestly this is the best culinary cozy series on the market today,” Criminal Element

It’s summertime in Busman’s Harbor, Maine, and the clamming is easy—or it was until a mysterious new neighbor blocks access to the beach, cutting off the Snowden Family Clambake’s supply. Julia Snowden is just one of many townspeople angered by Bartholomew Frick’s decision. But which one of them was angry enough to kill?

Author Brenda Buchanan: If you haven’t met Joe Gale yet, here’s an opportunity dig in to my Maine mystery series featuring a contemporary newspaper reporter with old-school style.

I’ve published three Joe Gale books: Quick Pivot (a body found during the 2014 renovation of a historic mill re-opens a cold case that stunned Riverside, Maine in 1968), Cover Story (a dead-of-winter murder trial way down east puts Joe in the crosshairs when his stories don’t match the pre-trial narrative) and Truth Beat (the suspicious death of a priest who stood up for victims of the sexual abuse scandal rocks a community and its leaders.)

Before midnight on January 1, 2019, please email your name and the title of your choice with a subject line of “I want to meet Joe Gale” to  If you read ebooks on a format other than Kindle, please let me know.

Author Richard Cass: Read the first in the Elder Darrow jazz mystery series, In Solo Time, which won the Maine Literary Award for Crime Fiction in 2018. The first three readers to send me email at with the subject line: Elder Darrow receive a free Kindle version of In Solo Time.

Note: All copies claimed! Thanks for playing . . .

If you’ve already read In Solo Time, the next two books in the series are Solo Act (Finalist for the 2017 Maine Literary Award in Crime Fiction) and Burton’s Solo. Thanks!

I wish all readers of this blog a happy and healthy 2019.


Author Kate Flora: I would love to introduce a new reader to my Joe Burgess police procedural series, a gritty series set in Portland, Maine featuring a trio of Portland police detectives. Two lucky readers will receive kindle copies of Playing God, the debut book in the series. And since we’re having so much fun gifting our books to our faithful readers, and since I’m crazy about the cover of this book, someone who asks nicely will receive a physical copy of Careful What You Wish For, my new crime story collection. (Send your requests to: Until midnight January 1, 2019 only.) Happy New Year and Happy Reading!



EDFF6297-AFFD-44FF-903F-25D3FA75D810Author Joseph Souza: How about this. I’ll give two lucky readers a signed paperback of my upcoming psychologixal thriller, PRAY FOR THE GIRL (Kensington)  It’s set in Maine and stars chef and veteran, Lucy Abbott It doesn’t come out until April, and only two readers will get this advance copy. I guarantee you’ll be shocked at the stunning twists in this novel. Lucy returns to Fawn Grove, Maine after cooking in Manhattan for fifteen years, only to discover that an immigrant Afghani girl has been stoned to death. Lucy, who knows something about hiding secrets, must confront a truth more brutal than she ever imagined, in the last place she expected. To be considered to win a paperback email me at and provide me your physical mailing address. The winners will be randomly chosen from the readers entering. Have a healthy and Happy New Year. Until midnight January 6th only.

D4B804D1-7420-46B1-A4D9-CBED22A7E19EAuthor Bruce Robert Coffin: Wishing all of you a safe and happy 2019. In celebration of the new year I will be gifting three of our lucky followers with a free Kindle copy of Among the Shadows, the debut novel in my bestselling Detective Byron Mystery Series. If you like to be considered, email me at: on January 1st, 2019. Please include your name and email address in the body of the email along with “mcw gift” in the subject line. Three winners will randomly be chosen from all eligible entries. Good luck and thank you for following us at Maine Crime Writers!


Author Vaughn C. Hardacker. To all a prosperous 2019 filled with reading your favorite Maine Crime Writers. In keeping with the rest of us, I will gift 2 Kindle copies of my first Ed Traynor novel, Black Orchid. The second in the series, My Brother’s Keeper, will be released on July 2, 2019 and is available now for pre-order. To be considered email me at The winners will be randomly chosen from the readers entering. Have a healthy, safe, and Happy New Year! (Until midnight January 1, 2019 only.)


About Sandra Neily

Sandy’s novel “Deadly Trespass” received a Mystery Writers of America award, was named a national finalist in the Women’s Fiction Writers Association “Rising Star” contest, a finalist in the Mslexia international novel competition, a runner- up in Maine’s Joy of the Pen competition, and recently, an international SPR fiction finalist. Sandy lives in the woods of Maine and says she’d rather be “fly fishing cold streams, skiing remote trails, paddling near loons, or just generally out there—unless I’m sharing vanishing worlds with my readers. "
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  1. Patricia M. Hanrahan says:

    Thank you Maine Crime Writers for a wonderful year of reading. You are all first on my go-to list for the “what can I read now”. Look forward to each and every new publication and can’t wait for 2019 novels! Thank you and Happy New Year 🎉

  2. Connie Ruggles says:

    I didn’t know about this group! Can we sign up for more than one book?

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