10 Best Things about Dying Soon

Lea Wait, here. And, for anyone who missed it, June 29  I posted https://mainecrimewriters.com/2018/06/29/another-change-in-direction/

that I’d been diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer.   Since then I’ve learned a lot — about myself and about others. And no, it hasn’t all been negative. So — here’s a short  list of some of the “good stuff.”

1 – I’ve heard from friends and family all over the United States, and memories — good memories — are flooding my mind.

2 –  A year ago I was worried because my financial adviser said I only had enough money to last eight years. Now? No problem! Champagne days, if I’m in the mood!

3 – Someone else will have to worry about my 2018 taxes.

4 – CNN still depresses me, but I’ve convinced myself the world will get better after I leave it. (I hope no connection!)

5 – People arrive unexpectedly with flowers and/or food.  It’s a party!

6 – Deadlines? Who’s  worried about deadlines. Except for maybe THE DEADLINE.

7. Medical marijuana is legal.

8. Handicapped parking makes it a lot easier to find a space in  summer parking lots in Maine.

9. No more long beauty parlor appointments. My hair is eliminating itself.

10. Prayer shawls, angels, books, cards … every mail delivery is like a birthday!

Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and prayers and encouragement and kind questions and comments.

And — onward! There’s still some life to be lived.


About Lea Wait

I write mysteries - the Mainely Needlepoint, Shadows Antique Print and, coming in June of 2018, the Maine Murder mysteries (under the name Cornelia Kidd.) When I was single I was an adoption advocate and adopted my four daughters. Now my mysteries and novels for young people are about people searching for love, acceptance, and a place to call home. My website is http://www.leawait.com To be on my mailing list, send me a note at leawait@roadrunner.com
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57 Responses to 10 Best Things about Dying Soon

  1. Mary Beth Gale says:

    I’m so inspired by your determination to live your last days in gratitude. I only met you last year, but your kind encouragement of my writing was so much appreciated.
    Mary Beth Gale

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  2. Mare F says:

    I love this. Thank you ! {{hug}}

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  3. Dianna L Rupp says:

    What a great attitude. I’m incredibly sad about this. I’ve read all your books and loved them. Reading about this I think of my mom. She lost her battle with breast cancer in 2006. She would have been 91 on 7-28-18.

    Love you Lea.

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  4. Tricia says:

    Much peace and love to you, God’s grace and mercy I pray for you.

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