A Fourth of July Weekend in Boothbay Harbor

by Barb enjoying a fabulous run of Maine weather

Our family gathered in our house in Boothbay Harbor over the Fourth of July. Because the fourth was on a Wednesday this year, we started arriving on Tuesday, with more arrivals on Wednesday and Thursday, and then leave-takings from Saturday through Monday. But for forty-eight glorious hours we were all together.

I loved reading Sandra Neily’s post about things to do in the Boothbay region, because, weird, I know, but I have done almost none of them.

One reason is we have a lot of trouble getting off our porch.

Because of the view.

When my granddaughter saw this version of the view, she asked, “Where did all the water go?” A teachable moment.

Also, on the evening of the Fourth, this from the porch.

When we finally do get off the porch, one of our favorite places is Barrett Park, because it’s a quick hit, right around the corner. The perfect place to relax and cool off at the end of the day.

On Friday we all went to the Cabbage Island Clambake. You can read about that here.

And on Saturday to the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden.

They have a new butterfly house.

Selling Uncle Luke a cup of coffee

And of course, there were numerous trips to town.

One of the problems is the grownups want to make sure to go to all their favorite places and eat all their favorite foods and then they talk and talk.

But when your cousin works at the candy store, sometimes patience is rewarded.

But somehow we always end up back on the porch.

I hope you had a marvelous Fourth, too.

About Barbara Ross

Barbara Ross is the author of the Maine Clambake Mysteries. Her books have been nominated for multiple Agatha Awards for Best Contemporary Novel and have won the Maine Literary Award for Crime Fiction. She lives in Portland, Maine. Readers can visit her website at www.maineclambakemysteries.com
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12 Responses to A Fourth of July Weekend in Boothbay Harbor

  1. Looks like a great time. I have many fond memories working as the head librarian in BBH.

  2. Gram says:

    Lovely porch and view. Our back deck view is lawn and flowers and woods and we love it. I wouldn’t mind a patch of water in it too. Sounds like a good time was had by all and isn’t family what it’s all about.

  3. Nice post, Barb! It appears a great time was had by all, which is what is supposed to happen on a holiday (especially a mid-week holiday, that provides for a lot of hang-out time.) The fireworks photos are terrific!

  4. Anne Marie Burgess says:

    Looks like you had an awesome time with Family! We love BBH, and will return to Brown’s at the end of the month for our 3rd year.

  5. Annette says:

    Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. bethc2015 says:

    Lovely pictures and warm family moments. Seems like a perfect celebration of our country and its bounty.

  7. sandy says:

    Oh that was fabulous, Barb! The pictures captured just the best of the best of hanging out in Boothbay. Even if someone buys your house before the next 4th, I am going to come sit on the steps anyway! Thanks!

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