My Pictures From 2018 Crimewave

MaineCrimeWave was a lot of fun this year. I got to sit on two panels. One was about writing compelling endings. The other was about conflict.91BB3F66-91B8-4AD2-9F4B-F90D5DFF6D76

Here’s a picture of me with F. Lee Bailey, the keynote speaker. What a talk he gave.2D37B720-9BA9-4EFA-BD4B-36A0813A5ECBDouglas Preston was awarded the 2018 Crimemaster Award and was also a fascinating speaker.


HerI am below on a panel with authors Daniel Palmer and Brenda Buchanantalming about writing Compelling Endings.


Here’s one of the gang below. Not all of us made it that photo. Tough getting all the crime writers in one picture.458606EE-76D2-442B-83A2-F5509928E500



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