The Long Winter Ends

Lea Wait, here.

The past winter has been rough in many parts of the United States.

Here in Maine it started with an October nor’easter that felled trees and power lines all over the state. Power lines were up in a few days, but large branches and downed trees off roads are still awaiting warmer weather and power saws.

In late December and early January we had a cold spell (temperatures below zero) for about ten days, followed by snow, and then by a January thaw. A short winter?

Not exactly. Three more nor’easters (with snow) in three weeks showed us winter was still around. And even last week — that’s right — in mid-April — many parts of Maine had snow. One of my daughters, visiting from Philadelphia, had to scrape ice off her car before she could head home.

Maine winters aren’t always like this. I even remember sitting out on my porch one March.  (Yes — that WAS unusual. But still…)

Finally, this week temperatures will finally the sixties, and the long-patient crocuses in my yard may finally make a valiant appearance. Daffodils aren’t blooming yet, but their green leaves are spiking through the winter debris of fallen leaves, pine needles, branches, and ruts where the snow plow missed our driveway and left mounds of overturned lawn. As soon as everything dries out a little, it will definitely be time for a spring cleanup.

The welcome sun is doing its bit, winds are blowing, longer days are welcome, and I’m thinking about getting that porch furniture out of the barn.

No winter is the same. This  one was long, and dark, and I was focused on events inside my house, not on weather.

But spring is almost here. It is time for storm windows to be raised. Yard work and pruning to be done. Walks to be taken. Flower baskets to hang on the porch.

Time to focus on a new season.

In the meantime, I’m sharing pictures of my yard in previous springs: crocuses encouraging hope that life, and seasons, continue.

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6 Responses to The Long Winter Ends

  1. Shirley Garvin says:

    I think all over the UStates,had unusual winter. Here in Texas we saw snow twice. I say saw cause it didn’t hang around long. The temps were pretty low.Now the mornings are cool but afternoons,are like in high 70s or low 80s. The flowers in your yard were beautiful and I know they will be again.

  2. Such a hopeful post, in line with the season. The budding trees and soon-to-bloom daffodils and tulips really make a difference. Thank you for the photos and this nice post. I hope your trip to Malice is very good.

  3. Gram says:

    Lovely pictures as our daffs etc. are not up yet either.

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