My New Novel, THE NEIGHBOR, Set To Release

0F0DB937-8309-4534-B785-E9EF1A1858BBMy new novel THE NEIGHBOR publishes next Tuesday. It’s been a long but enjoyable road getting to this point in the game. Two years since I finished my original draft. Then came my agent’s editorial changes (the incomparable Evan Marshall). Then there was the suspense of waiting to hear what publisher wanted to take on my novel. Or even if they wanted it. How happy was I when John Scognamiglio of Kensington Books picked it up in two-book deal? Very! Of course then I had to incorporate all of his editorial changes.

And now I sit yet again on the verge of publication, nervous and excited, and awaiting the verdict of my dear readers.

Traditional publishing is a long waiting game where one must be patient. The best advice I can give any author fortunate to be in this position is to keep writing. Start your next book. Get your marketing house in order for when the day comes to promote it, but keep the creative wheels in your head turning.

Early reviews for THE NEIGHBOR have been wonderful. Of course they all won’t be. Myrtle in Tacoma will hate everything about it. So won’t Larry in Sacramento. Not everyone is going to love your book. This is the realty every author must face, and once you accept that fact, the thicker your skin will develop. My goal was to write a book that would have the reader frantically flipping the pages. A book that was equivalent to crack cocaine. A book so addictive that if the world stopped spinning people would still keep reading my book. That was my goal, anyway.

My favorite quote about writing comes from Elmore Leonard. “I try to leave out the parts readers skip.”

It’s fun to be an author. Little scary at times as well when people realize how twisted things are inside that crazy brain of yours. It takes a bit of artistic bravery to put forth your art and let people judge it purely on its entertainment merits. THE NEIGHBOR is my first collaboration with Kensington and so far it’s been nothing short of being a wonderful experience.

I hope you get a chance to read THE NEIGHBOR. And pleas let me know what you think. It’s a noirish domestic thriller where bad people do bad things to each other, creating bad scenarios. It’s a book that’s as uncomfortable as it is twisty. Provocative while at the same time deliciously sinister. I hope you enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it.

And with that I give you THE NEIGHBOR!

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  1. Lea Wait says:


  2. Big congratulations to you, Joe! I look forward to reading THE NEIGHBOR.

  3. Definitely planning to grab and read a copy.

  4. daveplimpton says:

    Sounds like a safe dark addiction, for a change. I plan on checking it out. Best of luck on the book promotion and reception.

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