A Cozy Gathering in Portland, Maine

by Barb, who is finally back home in Portland

Last night, Kensington Publishing and Print: A Bookstore combined to host a Cozy Mystery mini-con in Portland, with support from Thorndike Press, the Maine-based publisher of large print books. Maine Crime Writers Kaitlyn Dunnett, Jessica Ellicott and I were there. A host of Portland-area Maine Crime Writers, including Brenda Buchanan, Bruce Coffin, Dick Cass, and Joe Souza, as well as alum Chris Holm and his wife mystery reviewer Katrina Niidas Holm came out to support us. Gayle Lynds, unable to attend, even sent best wishes and bought some signed books.

The party was at the Rising Tide Brewery. They were very welcoming and accommodating, and the beer was great!

Here’s a glimpse of the action.

A good turnout. Thank you to the Maine writers who attended.

Writers prepare to read. From left, J.D. Griffo, Carlene O’Connor, Leslie Meier, Barbara Ross, Jessica Ellicott, Kaitlyn Dunnett

Jessica Ellicott at the podium

Barbara Ross and Leslie Meier, authors (with Lee Hollis) of the forthcoming Yule Log Murder

The authors, from left: Sally Goldenbaum, Devon Delaney, Maddie Day, Peggy Ehrhart, Emily Russo, Print owner, Carlene O’Connor, Kaitlyn Dunnett, Jessica Ellicott, J.D. Griffo, Leslie Meier, Barbara Ross

Thanks to all who came out! For those who missed it, hope these photos give you a sense of the event.

About Barbara Ross

Barbara Ross is the author of seven Maine Clambake Mysteries. The eighth one, Sealed Off, will released in December 2019. Her novellas featuring Julia Snowden are included along with stories by Leslie Meier and Lee Hollis in the anthologies Eggnog Murder, Yule Log Murder, and Haunted House Murder, which will be published in August 2019. Jane Darrowfield, Professional Busybody, first in a new mystery series, was released in June, 2019. You can visit Barbara's website at http://www.maineclambakemysteries.com.
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  1. kaitlynkathy says:

    Great pictures, Bill!


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