How I Really Spent My First Maine Winter

Hi. Barb here.

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you know Brenda Buchanan and I have been having a bit of a good-natured back and forth about the virtues of Maine in the winter time. She maintains it is bracing but beautiful. I maintain it is simply bracing.

But the truth of the matter is, I have run away. I was glad it snowed before we left in December because I would hate to miss the snow entirely. This year, I discovered the view of a snowstorm is quite breathtaking from our dining room table.

But after forty-plus years in New England, I know what it’s like to stay for the duration, which is why Bill and I are in Key West. I sincerely hope the snow is gone before we get home in early April. (Though I also know there’s no guarantee.)

Here are some of Bill’s Key West photos to keep everybody warm.

[All photos are by Bill Carito. If you like them and want to see more, you can friend him on Facebook at and follow him on Instagram at billcarito and bill.carito.colorphotos.]

What say you all? Fight or flight?

About Barbara Ross

Barbara Ross is the author of the Maine Clambake Mysteries. Her books have been nominated for multiple Agatha Awards for Best Contemporary Novel and have won the Maine Literary Award for Crime Fiction. She lives in Portland, Maine. Readers can visit her website at
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11 Responses to How I Really Spent My First Maine Winter

  1. Gram says:

    Sitting in front of the fireplace and reading is my winter getaway.

  2. Thanks for posting the photos, Barb (and for taking them, Bill). They give us hope to carry on. 🙂

  3. Lea Wait says:

    Some time I’d love to visit Key West — it’s on my long-term “to do” list. But with all those distractions — how do you get any work done? (And – yes — I know you just handed in a novella AND a book! I suspect I wouldn’t be as focused.) Enjoy your February! (Snow and ice here .. but a sunny day!

  4. ambfoxx says:

    Great photography. Bill captures people in a way that reveals so much about them, and hints at more. He captures Key West’s personality, too. Thanks for sharing!!!
    I have no winter to flee, living where snowbirds come in the winter myself, but I still enjoyed this.

  5. Maria Kent says:

    Barb, Bill, love the photos and your blog. Feeling the warmth. Someday…. but for now really trying to appreciate the winter beauty here, getting out and exploring whenever we can. Fortunately, the messy part of winter doesn’t hang around much on CC.

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