The Best, Most Amazing, Awesomest, Bigliest Book Readings Anywhere. Trust Me.

Now that I have your attention….

On the first Saturday of every month in Westbrook, we invite two local authors (one fiction, one nonfiction) to read from their works and take a few questions. It’s called Books in the Brook, which is clearly the best, most amazing, awesomest, bigliest name for a book reading anywhere. (BTW, spell check does not like these words. I have red squiggly lines all over the text.) Check it out. Books in the Brook

Fellow Maine Crime Writer Brenda Buchanan and I started Books in the Brook along with fellow Maine author Laura Kilmartin and Mary Brooking, owner of The Continuum for Creativity, the art studio that hosts Books in the Brook.

Some of the authors have included fellow Maine Crime Writers Bruce Coffin and Chris Holm. Dick Cass will be there in March.

This past Saturday, we had an incredibly stimulating reading and discussion by Bryan Wiggins and Elizabeth De Wolfe. Not only did we hear some wonderful writing, but we learned how 19th century America treated ambitious women from Elizabeth and how a peripheral approach can help deal with profound personal loss from Bryan.

Not a bad way to spend an hour.

It is always extremely interesting and entertaining. And you’re surrounded by art. And you’re in Westbrook!

So, Books in the Brook, at 4 p.m. on the first Saturday of the month.

Check it out.

If you don’t…well, in the words of our president: Sad.

An Unbeaten Man
by Brendan Rielly

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2 Responses to The Best, Most Amazing, Awesomest, Bigliest Book Readings Anywhere. Trust Me.

  1. And it is fun! There is a big appetite for crime writing in the ‘Brook.

    BTW, we also feature poets. In fact, a wonderful poet – Jeri Theriault – will be the other featured writer on March 4 along with our own Richard Cass.

    I hope this post brings in some new folks. B in the B is always a great time.

  2. Kate Flora says:

    Brendan and Brenda…so admire you both for getting this rolling. I’m sure both your authors and your audience appreciate it…and community building is so important right now. As is a distraction from other bigly things.


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