Post-holiday Traditions

Jessie: Surrounded by snowbanks

Every year about this time my mind begins to turn to the post holiday lull. It isn’t because I  don’t love merry making or family gatherings. I adore tinsel and beribboned packages and dining room tables heaving with festive treats. Gingerbread houses, popcorn balls and stuffed stockings all leave me feeling quite cheerful.

But after the shared seasonal traditional pastimes have come and gone once again I have a few traditions of a more personal nature I like to observe. Every year I buy a new planner and set off thinking about experiences I would like to have over the upcoming year and also habits I would like to build. I love spending some time contemplating the possibilities.

I also tuck into a knitting project or two. There is nothing like a snowy January afternoon for clicking away on a cabled sweater or a pair of wooly socks while binge watching Miss Fisher Mysteries or those featuring Miss Marple. This year I’ve got a red lace shawl I am determined to finish before Valentine’s Day.

Probably my favorite post-holiday tradition is my annual reading of all the Lucia books by E.F. Benson. Every year I pull out these old favorites and read them one by one, trying not to gobble them down too quickly. There is something so pleasant about spending time with  old friends one knows from the pages of a beloved book. Or better yet a book series. By the time I’ve finished all six volumes I feel ready to get back to the routine of ordinary life once more.

Readers, do you have any post-holiday traditions of your own? 

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4 Responses to Post-holiday Traditions

  1. Marilyn says:

    I just love this:

    “There is something so pleasant about spending time with old friends one knows from the pages of a beloved book.”

    I have a treasured collection of Dick Francis books that I re-read regularly. A lot of people don’t understand why. Glad you do!!

  2. Nancy Miller says:

    I also have treasured collections of favourite authors. Have been thinking about the homeless lately and that takes me back to some scenes in my Eleanor Taylor Bland books. And Jan Karon books are a balm in the worst times as well as a delight any other time. I read mysteries but mostly for the characters. Ellis Peter’s Brother Cadfael is another favourite. I own the movies of my three favourite Jane Austen books but prefer to read them because I can savor the written versions at a slower pace. It definitely is nice to find that someone else enjoys this.

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