Please Stand By

PSBHey, people, are you reading me? Sorry the connection’s lousy. It’s Chris Holm, broadcasting from my editing bunker. I’m afraid my post is gonna be a little slight today, because I’m in the home stretch of a massive editing jag. What was that? “Mutt rawr poo dead nit zing?”

Sorry. I think my tin cans need new string. I’m pretty sure you said, “What are you editing?”

I’m working on the second Michael Hendricks book. (If you’ve been in a bunker of your own for the past six months, you can find out about the first Michael Hendricks book, THE KILLING KIND, here.) It’s called RED RIGHT HAND, and it’ll be out September 13th courtesy of the fine folks at Mulholland Books. Here’s what it’s about:

If the good guys can’t save you, call a bad guy.

When viral video of a terrorist attack in San Francisco reveals that a Federal witness long thought dead is still alive, the organization he’d agreed to testify against will stop at nothing to put him in the ground.

Special Agent Charlie Thompson is determined to protect him, but her hands are tied; the FBI’s sole priority is catching the terrorists before they strike again. So Charlie calls the only person on the planet who can keep her witness safe: Michael Hendricks.

Once a covert operative for the US military, Hendricks makes his living hitting hitmen… or he did, until the very organization hunting Charlie’s witness—the Council—caught wind and targeted the people he loves. Now Hendricks is determined to take the Council down, even if that means wading into the center of a terror plot whose perpetrators are not what they seem.

It’s available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, if you’re interested. Or you could request it from your local independent bookseller.

But enough about me. It’s been a good week for MCWers. Yesterday, Brenda Buchanan launched TRUTH BEAT, the spectacular third installment of her can’t-miss Joe Gale mystery series. And Bruce Coffin got word that his short story “Foolproof” was selected to appear in THE BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES 2016, edited by Elizabeth George and Otto Penzler! “Foolproof” first appeared in BEST NEW ENGLAND CRIME STORIES 2016: RED DAWN, which was co-edited by our very own Barb Ross. Congratulations all around!

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  1. Barb Ross says:

    Thanks, Chris. The former editors at Level Best Books are thrilled. We came in with an Edgar nom for a story by Mainer Judith Green and we’re going out with a Best American Mystery Story by Mainer Bruce Robert Coffin!

    Thank you, Maine!

    (And thank you, Bruce for allowing us to be part of the fun.)

  2. Just putting you on notice that I’m going to find a way (arm-wrestling contest? Bribe? A little B & E?) to get my hands on RIGHT RED HAND before September 13.

    Hooray for Bruce and for Barb and the Level Best crew for recognizing his talent so Otto Penzler’s annual anthology can bring his work to a wider audience.

    And thanks for the shout-out about TRUTH BEAT, too!

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