Treasure Hunting

Dorothy Cannell: Had a wonderful time at Bouchercon in Raleigh, reuniting with people met and enjoyed over the years and getting to know first encounters. I can’t think of anything more bonding than the passion for books.

While in the city with Sir Walter’s statue – with his head on – I went to a wonderful used book store and returned home with a load of out-of-print or hard-to-find titles by authors Ienjoy. Have been wallowing in one after another instead of getting back to work or planning this blog.

So by way of excuse here’s the list:

Doomed to Die, by Dorothy Simpson, featuring Inspector Luke Thanet.

Six Feet Under, by Dorothy Simpson, again featuring Inspector Thanet

Speedy Death, by Gladys Mitchell, from the Mrs. Bradley Series.

Death of a Chimney Sweep, by M.C. Beaton, a Hamish Macbeth Mystery

The Religious Body, by Catherine Aird, the first Inspector C. D. Sloan


A Nice Derangement Of Epitaphs, by Ellis Peters, an Inspector George

Felse Mystery.

Latter End, by Patricia Wentworth, a Miss Silver Mystery.

The Blind Side, by Patricia Wentworth, not Miss Silver

The Listening Walls, by Margaret Millar.

I have explained to my husband that such older titles are must reading for

me because my new(ish) series is not set in current time, but he is threateningdivorce if I don’t finish the short story I’m supposed to be working on by this weekend. It promises to be no more than a couple of paragraphs in length.

‘Always a reader first’ is my motto. Also I have a fantasy of someone huntingdown my books in the distant years ahead.

All the best till next time,



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7 Responses to Treasure Hunting

  1. Heidi Wilson says:

    Dorothy, you love Miss Silver, too! I think she’s terribly underrated in most of the discussion about mid-20th century murder mysteries. I read happily through each in the mental state of one of her pupils, insulated from danger by her steady, stately presence.

  2. dragons3 says:

    What a treasure trove you found! Some of my favorite authors, too, especially Wentworth. I’ve been slowly but surely downloading the Miss Silver series on my Kindle. Wish Dorothy Simpson’s books would be released in e-format. It’s hard to find her books now — our local library has none and the only used bookstore in the area is overrated and understocked. Happy reading!

  3. Gram says:

    Thanks for the reminder, I must get back to Inspector Felse.

  4. Dorothy says:

    Dear Heidi,

    Thanks for letting me know you are a Miss Silver admirer. Patricia Wentworth is greatly underrated.


  5. Paula Keeney says:

    All wonderful writers!!!
    After reading your post, I went into our shop and looked on the shelves. Every single book (and author) was there. Yes, the classics—because that’s what they are!!—are a big part of our business.
    Thanks for reminding people of some really great reads!
    Paula Keeney
    Mainely Murders Bookstore

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