Oh yes, even FOOD can be scary

We’re entering the Halloween season, when pumpkins abound and houses and bushes are bedecked with spiders and ghosts and witches. But as crime writers, our minds often also turn to whimsy at the table. So here, for your seasonal delectation, are some ways you can make your dinners as scary as your decorations.

How about Spooky Spider Eggs?

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.04.42 AM








Recipe at: http://www.sunset.com/food-wine/holidays-occasions/good-halloween-candy-recipes/spider-deviled-eggs-recipe

Everyone loves chocolate cake, right? And frosting? So here’s how, with just a few small additions, you can make it look absolutely spooky. Yup. Red food coloring and a carving knife.

A red velvet cake with a twist?

A red velvet cake with a twist?








Roasted brains, anyone?

Okay, so this is really whole roasted cauliflower, but it sure would look spooky on your Halloween table. Here’s the recipe: http://www.purewow.com/entry_detail/recipe/8821/Use_Your_Head.htm?referrer=rss_recipe

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.48.31 AM





And for more creepy ideas, try these websites:



Stay tuned for our Halloween specials, when Maine librarians tell us about their scariest books.

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