Tinfoil Hats

Jayne here. Some of you know that I run a volunteer organization that helps victims of cyberstalking – Working to Halt Online Abuse. I get a copy of every case that comes in and I also get emails from people who feel they are being harassed, bullied or stalked online. And sometimes I get snail mail. We use a PO Box in York, Maine for the organization, so thank goodness it doesn’t come to my house.

We get our fair share of what I call “tinfoil hat” cases. Basically, those are cases where the people are, ahem, in need of mental help. These cases tend to arrive when it’s a full moon (seriously). If it’s a holiday weekend and a full moon, hold onto your pants!

Here’s a recent example:

“I moved from Chicago, Illinois to Saint Paul Minnesota, in December 2012 because for over 10 years I have been bullied, harassed, and stalked by my past employers Carl redacted, Ronald redacted and Ira redacted they are attorneys. I have tried to get help but no one will believe me. They have bribed judges, other lawyers, police and countless others that have bullied, harassed and stalked me for a decade.
I started my first semester at Minneapolis Community Technical College in Minneapolis, MN January 2013. The attorneys wasted no time they started paying people to stalk, bully and harass me in Minnesota immediately. In Chicago, IL the attorneys successfully paid off enough people to block me from taking nursing classes (the attorney’s goal is that I have no credibility) and now they have accomplished that same abuse in Minnesota. I declared my major as nursing in December 2012 when I registered for classes at Minneapolis Community Technical College and was told I would have no problem being accepted into the nursing program I had a GPA of 3.35 and had completed most of the pre-requisites.
I was accepted into the LPN program for the fall semester of 2013 and managed to make the deadline after redacted name mailed the acceptance letter and application to my old address in Chicago, IL when my new address in Minnesota was on my student file. redacted name is the Chicago attorneys contact at MCTC. The abuse escalated September of 2013 the beginning of the fall semester. My financial aid and student loans were supposed to pay for my classes and leave me with enough money to live until I completed my nursing classes and get a job; I would have graduated May 2014. In August of 2013 I thought everything was fine other than the people that the attorneys hired in Minnesota to bully, harass and stalk me seem to become extremely hostile and the harassment to stop me from attending school intensified.”

The above is just a short part of what she sent to me.

Here’s another:

“She uses Virtual speak programs coupled with illegal subliminal technologies. Virtual speak programs border on the subliminal area of the brain, when coupled with a subliminal program of any type one can effectivley control anothers mind. I have Autism and She has been using this to harass me and place false senerios in my mind to drive me over the edge. She has also found the ability to open virtual tunnels from one place to another, she uses these tunnels to put desecrations on a person. I have been having these desecrations put on me since at least march of 2010. these desecrations are almost always feces from human or dog, people around me see this and dont know what to do to help me. I have found it almost imposible to get local police and authorities to help me due to the virtual speak and subliminal programs she uses. She has kept me from getting an attourny by using these programs against me. She doesnt wish to be caught. I do not wish to continue living as a homeless person as she has contrived me to.”

And then there are the ones where you begin to wonder if they are just screwing with you:

“Barrack Obama can you tell Howard W Raymond to get your Gov. Darpa Advanced Alien Wifi Experimental Warfare Retina-Eye Implant out of me !
Two years ago I posted on my Virtuagirl.com homepage page that this Country, USA was going down and I immediatley got a Democratic Darpa Wifi retina-eye implant from the site with a wifi-ed harassment porn promo using the president’s voice at a Democratic Convention.
Electronic Wifi harassment wifi mind control taking over the world one wified Darpa eye implant at a time, believe it or not a torturing microchip installed from your monitor from Totem Entertainment Vitruagirl.com, CA.
He says Invisible Gov. Darpa Adv.Alien Wifi Microchip Technology. US Gov. Invasion Of Privacy Darpa/Raymond Wifi torture record!
Raymond calls it a Darpa Jay Leno Comedy wifi Online Torture Club from his Home. They said they are Satan worshipers
under Obama’s Darpa Invisible Dept. He said he thinks Obama is the Anti-Christ and is telling everyone, Raymond is a billionaire afraid of losing his money.”

It’s so hard to not reply that they need to seek professional help sometimes. My husband actually made me a hat out of tinfoil. I place it on my head when I am ready to reply to these folks. I usually let them know that their cases are beyond what we can handle to help with and direct them to hire an attorney or hire a private investigator. Then, with concrete evidence in hand (if there is any), they can proceed either in civil court or through their police department. That usually pacifies them.

When I go to check my PO Box, if there is a large, thick manila envelope, I know what it is. Another tinfoil hat case. If they have an email address, I will email them. If not, I don’t respond. For legal reasons, we always deal with victims online. If we do anything via phone, it can be considered hearsay in court (if the case goes to court). One envelope I received last year did prompt me to call the police station in the town where the victim lived. I then sent them everything I had received and let them handle it. I never heard what happened.

Tomorrow is a full moon. I have my tinfoil hat at the ready. If you want to make your own, just go to this web site.

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