Interesting Reaction To My Latest Book by Jayne Hitchcock

It’s always interesting to get feedback on your writing, but my newest book, True Crime Online ( has one chapter in it that either fascinates or disgusts people, or both! What is it, you ask? Why, the online cannibals chapter. I swear, every media outlet, especially the radio stations, ask me about that one chapter. Forget the rest of the book. They want to know how I found out about online cannibals and why.

I’ll tell you how and why: How was by researching online (duh). My publisher wanted me to come up with the most horrendous stories could find where the crime started online, then went offline. That’s how I found the first online serial killer, then a link to another site from that one pointed me to. . .an online cannibal. I was definitely curious and followed the link. I became more fascinated with the story, so pulled up more sites to get the whole story. So, the why as to writing the chapter is because it was so improbable that people wouldn’t believe it was real.

But it did really happen. Long story short – a man in Germany placed an online ad on a site similar to Craigslist looking for young, fit men who wanted to be killed and eaten. He actually got hundreds of responses, but most didn’t follow through when they found out he was serious about it. A few did take him up on an initial meeting, where he showed off his basement dungeon and some of those went so far as to let him hang them up, then draw what cuts of meat he would take from them. They didn’t return.

What’s funny is NO ONE reported him to authorities. Not one of them. Finally, a man did respond, went there for an initial visit, then came back and yep, allowed himself to be killed and eaten. The first part to go was the penis, which the German guy fried up with salt and olive oil, but it was so tough, he put it in the dogs dish (no word as to whether the dog ate it).

When he was finally caught, police took photos of the dungeon. And of course, the neighbors all said what a nice guy he was, the helped cut lawns, played with the kids, etc. Why is it that just about every serial killer appears to be a perfectly normal person to their neighbors?

When my book first came out in January, I went to some libraries to do a reading and this was the chapter I read out loud. Most people thought it was disgustingly hilarious, but at the last one, one of the other authors spoke up, loudly, and said that was enough. I guess it was too much for the poor woman!

But it’s the chapter I keep getting asked about, so that means my book is staying in people’s heads. Yes, maybe in a bad way, but they’re talking about it, right?

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3 Responses to Interesting Reaction To My Latest Book by Jayne Hitchcock

  1. Gram says:

    I know, I have to read the book to find out what they did to this sick individual, right? Dee

  2. There’s another case in today’s Boston Globe Metro section. A British man now in Massachusetts had a dungeon, tons of child porn, and planned to eat young children but was arrested apparently before doing so. Also arrested is a Kansas man he met online who allegedly was going to kidnap a child for him.

  3. Gram says:

    Unfortunately the Brit only got 27 years in prison – too little as far as I am concerned.

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