Hiking Mount Battie on the last day of July

A glorious day today… sunny, cloudless, and in the 70’s with a light breeze.  A perfect day for a quick hike up my favorite little mountain.

Vicki Doudera here. I rouse my daughter Lexi  and she agrees to come with me. She’ll be off to college in one short month, so every minute I spend with her is a precious gift. We have a quick breakfast, leash the dog, and we’re off.

Mount Battie lies within Camden Hills State Park, and trails are accessible from the park entrance as well as various spots around Camden. One of them happens to be a mere 5-minute walk from our house, so today we don’t even need to use the car.

The trailhead is off Megunticook and Spring Streets in Camden.  It was once called the “Sprowl Trail” because the beautiful shingle style “cottage” next to it belongs to that family.  I call it the “Spring Street Trail” but I believe it is officially known as the Mount Battie Trail.

It’s not a long hike – only half a mile – but it is steep in places. Once I hiked it with a geologist who pointed out a huge rock face where the ocean, post Ice Age, once ended. Many of the houses in my neighborhood would have been underwater back in those damp days of melting glaciers. Once I slid on a loose rock, pulled a muscle, and sat immobile for a few hours until someone came along and lent me their pole. Such is the hiker’s life!

The views are phenomenal, and of course this is the spot described in Edna St. Vincent Millay’s famous poem. (Here’s a clip of an Italian man reciting the first few lines from the top of the mountain. )

Giovanni reciting parts of Renascense atop the mountain.


I like this vantage point better than the top of Cadillac, but I may be somewhat prejudiced. Looking down on the island-dotted waters of Penobscot Bay with the puffed sails of myriad boats, I’m inspired.  To write, to hike, and to enjoy every moment of this fleeting summer day.

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4 Responses to Hiking Mount Battie on the last day of July

  1. Frederic Pamp says:

    I live in Colorado and I hike, so I’ve summitted a whole bunch of 13- and 14,000-foot mountains —- but my favorite hike to a ‘peak’ is in Acadia NP, going up Mt. Cadillac. In my memory, at least, you could climb from any direction, from stone shelf to stone shelf, not needing any trail.

    BTW, Vicki: especially as I age and my balance become more problematic, I find a hiking staff is essential equipment.

    • Frederic, I totally agree. That time I slipped on a loose rock (and pulled a muscle) I would not have been able to get down without the use of a kind hiker’s pole!

  2. Such a gorgeous place. I confess to location envy, Vicki. We’ve been and love it. In high school, I read Edna’s poem in a poetry competition. Don’t remember the results, but the poem stayed with me. Finding the plaque there in her honor was so moving.
    We’re checking out Booth Bay Harbor this fall, but after several trips to your fair state, Camden Harbor and the view from Mount Battie remain among our favorites. You’re blessed to live there. (I know. I know. I’ve never seen it in the winter. LOL)

    • Marsha, I’m afraid I’m not going to make you feel any better because I love the winters here. But the springtime isn’t so hot, so nothing is perfect! (but I think midcoast Maine is darn close.)

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