And the good news just keeps coming

Recently, we decided to dedicate our Sunday post space to our news and happenings, and to the occasional guest blog or interview.

Those of you who’ve been reading the blog this week have seen Kaitlyn Dunnett’s good news–she’s to be Guest of Honor at the Malice Domestic mystery conference next spring. It’s exciting to see her recognized after a mere 50 books!

Lea Wait has an exciting new contract for an intriguing series.

Now, two of our own, Kate Flora and Paul Doiron, and one of our frequent guests and good friends, Katherine Hall Page, all share this news:


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9 Responses to And the good news just keeps coming

  1. What wonderful news, from the Malice honor for Kaitlin/Kathy, whom I’ve had the recent pleasure of working with on a modest joint marketing effort, to these book titles, now added to my must-TBR list — with the exception of Kate Flora’s REDEMPTION, which I read as soon as it came out and have been recommending widely. Joe Burgess is my favorite cop hero precisely because he’s written as empathetic, understands the uses of macho behavior only when necessary, and experiences angst. In short, he’s a fully believable, caring human being, a mensch.

  2. Deanna says:

    Congratulations to all!!!! Dee

  3. Lil Gluckstern says:

    Congratulations, and I happy to say I’ve read all the crime fiction books. But don’t ask me to choose 🙂 Good luck!

  4. MCWriTers says:


    Thank you. And I suggest your book to all my students. A real must-read!

    Dee and Lil…we’re riding high right now. It’s very exciting to have all of these new positives for those of us who toil alone and sometimes wonder if anyone knows we’re out here.

    Regarding being a finalist for a Maine book award…I’m surprisingly thrilled. I’ve been smiling ever since Friday afternoon.


  5. Judy Dee says:

    This is indeed good news. Congrats all around.

  6. Janet Mendelsohn says:

    What wonderful news! May the spreading word win you many new readers and sell many books.

  7. Charlene Clemons says:

    Kate, Kathryn, and Paul,
    Congratulations to all three. I read and enjoyed all of them, but I must confess Redemption was my favorite.

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