Winahs, we got winnahs

Be patient, we're still sleeping.


As a librarian turned writer who grew up in a household of highly verbal people, I’ve come to love word challenges. Hence the Maine Cabin Fever Game. I doubt there’s any connection between my comments about the psychological effects of an extended period of cold and dark leading to bizarre behavior in Maine and our weather, but we sure had a spell that taxed everyone’s sanity, not to mention town budgets. Some roads that were being held together with spit and promise paving jobs are now more like an asphalt jigsaw puzzle waiting to be slapped back in the box.
There were three brave souls who submitted guesses for the contest. Winner of the Mountain Dew hoodie is Felicia Kennedy of Augusta who got all but one correct. Runner up was Jeanne Benedict, library director at the Henry D. Moore Library in Steuben who missed a couple. I might note that she was a winner when the game was run years ago at the Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library. Honorable mention goes to Gail S. in North Carolina who hit more than 50%.
Here are the answers

1-Bad Little Falls-Miscreant dwarf takes a tumble?
2-The Poacher’s Son-Male parent expert breakfast cook?
3-Redemption-5 cents, 6 if you’re in the right place.
4-Death at the wheel-Perfect description of a suicide knob?
5-Death in Paradise-Craps, these babies are lethal
6-Mallets aforethought-premeditation by Dave the musician?
7-Repair to Her Grave-Casket Carpentry for the Fairer Sex?
8-Unhinged-Stamp collection coming apart?
9-Port City Shakedown-Fallen shingle on Munjoy Hill??
10-Pretty Dead-Attractive Zombie?
11-Deadline-”So, you like wanna hook up after I’m resurrected?”
12-Killer listing-Under assassins in the Yellow Pages.
13-Deadly Offer-for sale in Craigslist by late southern general
14-Kilt Dead-Clipped oral description of colorful mens garment no longer suitable for use.
15-Julia’s Mending-Ms. Howe recovering, thank you.
16-The King’s Damsel-Regent’s real estate transaction includes lake impoundment?
17-The Chill of Night-Rebuff in singles bar by Galahad.
18-The Cutting-favorite spot to see deer once loggers depart?
19-Wintering Well-Parsnips for one when veteran Maine Gardener asked this question.
20-Shadows on the Ivy-Dappled sunlight on sterile saline bag.
21-Seaward Born-Legal guardian’s description of mermaid’s arrival?
22. Face down among the Winchester geese -Confronting pillow material intermixed with Erstwhile Model 94 Goslings?
23. Clammed up-Possible outcome of hoedown.

Hey, I'm still asleep too. I'm not crazy.

Coming in future columns: five reviews of terrific YA books, three of which are mysteries by the same author and a column titled “With apologies to Luigi Pirandello.”

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  1. Barbara Ross says:

    Congratulations to the winners!

  2. Judy Dee says:

    I never would have figured most of them out. I was really impressed with #20 (I.V.). I don’t know if reading all the books would have helped, but now I have a new TBR list just based on titles 🙂 Congratulations.

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