Little-Known Holidays

Well, here we are again in January, which means no good holidays for a while. And by ‘good’ I mean ones with food, decorations, costumes, and gifts. Not until Easter do we get to bite into so much as a chocolate egg (unless you count St.Valentine’s, see below). Therefore, devotedly service-y writer that I am, I’ve dredged up…err, I mean researched…a few lesser-known holidays we can all celebrate. It might be a stretch to figure out what festive foods they merit, but that’s part of the fun.

Like for instance January’s holiday, this Friday January 11th, is Human Trafficking Awareness Day and I know you’ll all join me in being aware of human traffic all day long, especially if you live in a busy place or have to drive in rush hour. Festive food for this on-the-rise holiday: anything that comes from a fast-food drive-through (or ‘thru’).

For February, I really don’t think I can improve on the fact that February 14th is both Valentine’s Day and International Condom Day. I mean, duh, right? And since the day already has a festive food attached, let’s just stick with what’s already working and visit where we can blend the two February 14th holidays neatly with one useful product: a chocolate flavored condom. At the Depot, they’ll also print your choice of logo on condoms; perfect for that Special Someone!

Next comes March, and — yahoo! — World Kidney Day! As we all know, our kidneys are our friends, but rarely do we take a moment to appreciate and give hearty thanks for our own really absolutely essential internal renal rigging. But on March 14 let’s stop and raise a glass — of water! good old- fashioned hydration — to the workhorses of our own waterworks, the humble kidneys, without whom nothing, or not for long, anyway.

I know, I know…Easter’s in March, too. But it’s all the way at the end, and I couldn’t resist Kidney Day. Also, lest you think I’m making too light of veddy serious matters (who, me?), here are some links to the real deals on these real international awareness days:

No doubt I’ve missed a few totally deserving but little-known holidays, so please! Feel free to join in the service-y fun by informing our readers about even more of them in the comments section.

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7 Responses to Little-Known Holidays

  1. Joan Emerson says:

    Let’s see . . . I’m still chuckling over this post, but since today is World Literacy Day, I’ll just read an extra chapter in my book as I relax in my tub of bubbles to commemorate Bubble Bath Day [also celebrated today] and sip my hot tea in observance of January being Hot Tea Month.

    Tomorrow is Play God Day, but I haven’t quite worked myself up to actively participating in that . . . .

  2. Barb Ross says:

    Oooh, play God day. Something every author should be good at!

    Joan–I am liking this bubble bath-book-hot-tea celebration. Sounds like something that should come around more than once a year.

  3. Brenda Buchanan says:

    Great post, Sarah.

    I note there are a number of bird/flight observances in the winter months (and not of the Jet Blue, PWM to Tampa variety).

    The 10th is Save The Eagles Day, and the 11th is Amelia Earhart Day. And the entire month of February is National Bird Feeding Month.

    Not bird related, but you’ve also overlooked St. Patrick’s Day, always a fine opportunity for a celebration. By March 17, we’re all ready for one.

  4. Rosemary W says:

    You missed one my favorites, Pi Day, 3/14, of course…Our school always celebrates with various fruit, savory, and Eskimo (TM) pies.

    • Sarah Graves says:

      Yes! Corned beef & cabbage + green beer. How could I have missed this one?

      On our nearby golf course a pair of eagles nests right next to the third hole. You can look up and see the eaglets’ little heads.

      But alas in Eastport the pigeons, crows, and seagulls have discovered National Bird Feeding month.

    • Sarah Graves says:

      I think here it needs to be whoopie pies, hmm?

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