Opening Acts – Discovering Our Series Characters Through E-Books

‘Tis the season for new e-readers and tablets of all sorts. So, for those of you who are looking for e-books to read, and love to begin a series at the beginning, we offer the following links to help you find our books:

Gerry Boyle:  In PORT CITY SHAKEDOWN, the first Brandon Blake novel, Brandon gets a full dose of bad guys. A brawl in a funeral home introduces him to Joel Fuller, a sociopathic hustler. Fuller is fresh out of jail and determined to take Brandon out—after Fuller and his sidekick Kelvin shake him down.

Kaitlyn Dunnett:  When professional Scottish dancer Liss MacCrimmon suffers a career-ending knee injury, she returns to her hometown, Moosetookalook, Maine, to recover, figure out what she’s going to do next, and help her aunt run Moosetookalook Scottish Emporium. What she doesn’t count on is murder.

As Kathy Lynn Emerson:  When the steward at her husband’s Lancashire estate dies under mysterious circumstances, Susanna, Lady Appleton suspects he was murdered. As an expert on poisonous herbs, she sets out to discover the truth but ends up unearthing more secrets than she bargained for. 1st book in the FACE DOWN mystery series originally published by St. Martin’s

Kate Flora: (the Joe Burgess series) Flora’s dazzling debut police procedural introduces Sgt. Joe Burgess, a crusty but bighearted Portland, Maine, cop. “This case has everything,” Joe says of a murder he’s investigating, “unhappy wife, angry ex. Hookers. Drugs. Money problems. Maybe blackmail.”


The Thea Kozak series:  “Maybe it’s because Flora’s books are so thoroughly grounded in reality and accurate in detail that Thea Kozak never really slips the surly bonds of real life –though she sure pushed the envelope. Her exploits smack of the superhuman, but her emotions, thoughts, feelings, reactions and responses are instantly recognizable to the rest of us ordinary beings.” – Carolyn Marsh, editor of the Camden (Maine) Herald

Sarah Graves:  A Maine island town, a ramshackle old house — and a guy with an icepick in his head! Jake Tiptree’s first Eastport case. “…intricate plot, well drawn characters, and a wry sense of humor…” –Publishers Weekly.…

Paul Doiron:  Set in the wilds of Maine, this is an explosive tale of an estranged son thrust into the hunt for a murderous fugitive—his own father. The Poacher’s Son is a sterling debut of literary suspense. Taut and engrossing, it represents the first in a series featuring Mike Bowditch.…….…

Vicki Doudera: Red-hot real estate agent Darby Farr has spent years trying to forget her hometown of Hurricane Harbor, Maine—especially the painful memories of being raised by her controlling aunt following her parents’ tragic deaths. Then one morning, she learns her aunt is dying, and the calculating woman has one final demand: clinch the multimillion-dollar sale of Fairview, a breathtaking waterfront estate.

James Hayman:  From a formidable new voice in suspense fiction comes an edge-of-the-seat story about a homicide detective on the trail of a killer who slays with exacting precision, and who harbors a terrifying motive.

Barbara Ross:  Whether it’s hardboiled hilarity or gritty noir, suspense or sibling subterfuge, capers or cons, or even an especially abnormal pair of paranormal shoes, anything can happen when you venture on Thin Ice. New England’s most acclaimed award-winning crime and mystery writers, along with several exciting new voices, weave twenty-five original tales from the region’s dark side. Includes Edgar® nominee “A Good Safe Place,” Judith Green; Agatha Award nominee, “Size Matters,” Sheila Connolly; Derringer Award winner, “The Book Signing,” Kathy Chencharik; and the 2010 Al Blanchard Award winning story, “The Bank Job” by Bev Vincent.

When is the cost of a dream too high? In Barbara Ross’ debut mystery The Death of an Ambitious Woman the murder of one ambitious woman forces another to decide what price she is willing to pay for success. keywords=the+death+of+an+ambitious+woman

Lea Wait:  Six antique print dealers have died recently under suspicious circumstances, so security is high when recently widowed Maggie Summer arrives Friday afternoon to set up her booth of antique prints at the Rensselaer County Spring Antiques Fair. But despite precautions, another antique dealer dies mysteriously that night, and a young friend of Maggie’s, who has Down Syndrome, becomes the prime suspect.


Jayne Hitchcock – a boatload of short stories (mostly sci-fi/fantasy), three of my books, The Ghosts of Okinawa, Iwo Jima – A Retrospective, and The Adventures of Gil the Gecko (a children’s book) and an article about the raising of the USS Hunley
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