Twelve Simple June Pleasures

Lea Wait, admitting that, even though I spend a lot of time writing, or thinking about writing, other parts of life are important, too. The changing seasons, for example. In Maine, June marks the official change to summer. It’s a month when I especially savor  

1. Reading on the porch overlooking the river with a glass of wine or frosty lemonade with fresh-picked mint.

2. Watching the sun set over the river.

3. Seeing lupine blooming in fields and along roadsides.

4. Cheering on chipmunk races. (Two chipmunks fuel up at our bird feeder, then run up the ramp to our porch, race the length of the porch – often finding short-cuts under occupied chairs – and soar off the three or more foot drop at the other end. Why? I have no idea. Maybe because it’s June.)

5. Keeping the windows wide open at night, but sleeping under a blanket.

6. Grilling dinner. (Technically – watching my husband grill dinner.)

7. Smelling freshly mown grass and mud flats and salt water.

8. Seeing rainbows after thunder storms.

9. Luxuriating in long, long days of sunlight.

10.Waving at neighbors seldom seen during winter months who in June stop in for a word or libation on their way to their home or from their boat.                                                                                       

11. Hearing children playing, lobster boats on the river, tractors mowing lawns, baby birds squabbling at the feeder, and train whistles echoing across the river. Someone used to played his bagpipes in the late afternoon on an island nearby. No one plays now. I miss that.   

12. Tasting fresh greens and vegetables and cheeses from the farmer’s market.

 And, most of all, knowing summer is just beginning.

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6 Responses to Twelve Simple June Pleasures

  1. Deanna says:

    Sounds almost like home. We have some wild rabbits in the backyard to enjoy. Isn’t New England wonderful?!

  2. Lea Wait says:

    It is wonderful. No rabbits here. Squirrels of various colors, chipmunks .. voles … we used to have woodchucks, but a neighbor with a garden and a shotgun ended that. Foxes occasionally. Deer very occasionally ..they prefer more sheltered areas just west of us. Fishers we sometimes hear at night. Our feathered population is very diverse, however, ranging from turkeys on the ground and eagles overhead to the usual chickadees and cardinals and red-winged blackbirds and several varieties of woodpeckers and, this time of year, ruby-throated hummingbirds, It’s all quite wonderful.

  3. Bob Thomas says:

    You nailed it lover. We are very spoiled here, and very appreciative.

  4. Mare F says:

    It is wonderful. Listening to the birds sing is also a small pleasure.

  5. Beautiful little list, Lea!

  6. Suzanne Hurst says:

    I love this, Lea. Beautiful images in words and pictures! I may write something in this format about what I love about Kentucky. I’ll probably choose a different month though, because it’s just too Florida-like now in summer. (Minus the sea breeze, LOL)

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