This Guy Says the Horse Likes Mud

Your tour guide, Evelyn Prentice -- "Evie"

Hello again from Sarah Graves, writing to you from the nation’s easternmost — and muddiest — city, Eastport, Maine. You already know what mud looks like, though, so today I thought I’d show you a few other locations on Moose Island, ones your feet won’t get stuck in (though your heart might).

Now that the snow and ice are mostly gone and the sun is a lot higher in the sky, the view south is scenic again, instead of scary. The house hidden in the trees out on that point would be a great place for a locked room mystery, I think.

The idea of recreational boating is beginning to sound good to me again, too. The boats here are mostly work boats, and they go out in just about any weather. If the fisherman is not so coated in ice that he can’t move, then he can fish, is the general rule.

The artists have been busy all winter in Eastport, and now their work is starting to show up in the gallery windows. This lady is ready for her close-up, I think.

One reason I enjoy participating in this blog is that it gives me an excuse to wander around the island taking pictures. Looking at things through the lens of a camera is a way of seeing them for the first time all over again.

This is looking east toward the Canadian island of Campobello. Beyond that lies the island of Grand Manan, after that comes Nova Scotia, and finally the Atlantic

Eastport’s Water Street is beginning to wake up. You can get souvlaki, cappucino, a swim suit, a loaf of bread, a slice of carrot cake, or an electric drill, here. Also: pet food! The astonishing luxury of this can only be properly appreciated by persons who live on islands, I think. And by that I don’t mean Peak’s.


Speaking of food, this is the inside of the Moose Island Bakery. Of course, I would never recommend anything to my readers that I haven’t tried for myself, to make sure it’s OK.

 And with that I must leave you. Books to write and so on, you know. You’re just going to have to take my word for it about the mud. Over the years we’ve kept pouring gravel and sand into our driveway, so you don’t quite sink to your ankles in it anymore. And around about June things will dry out, so they will feel the way this final photograph looks.

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5 Responses to This Guy Says the Horse Likes Mud

  1. Thank you, Evie! Great tour!

  2. Bob Thomas says:

    Hi Sarah – One of these days we’re going to get up (down?) there. Hope to see you. You can talk writing with Lea while I tour art galleries. Nice job.

  3. MCWriTers says:

    One reason I love your blogs…all these photographs. If you weren’t a mystery writer, you could, perhaps, consider another profession.

    I think we oughta do a MCW Downeast Book Tour, so we can see for ourselves. Start thinking of venues, Sarah!


  4. John Clark says:

    Eastport is one of my favorite towns. It has a sense of energy I don’t feel in either Lubec or Calais (although I like those as well). Eastport also has a terrific librarian.

  5. Sarah Graves says:

    Evie says you’re welcome, and she’s planning another tour, soon. Eastport’s a dog-loving little city for sure, so she might include some of her dog pals on your next visit. Now if she only had thumbs, she could work the camera. And — yes, Bob and all of you, a summer visit to Eastport would include galleries, writing talk, and maybe dinner at the Pickled Herring when it opens. We could perhaps invite our yes, truly great librarian Dana Chevalier to join us? I know the library would invite MCW for an evening get together for the public. When mud season’s over…

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