Kate Flora

Maine native, and former assistant attorney general Kate Flora’s twelve books include seven series mysteries, three gritty police procedurals, a suspense thriller (written as Katharine Clark) and a true crime. Finding Amy was a 2007 Edgar nominee and has been optioned for a movie. Her current projects include Death Dealer, a true crime involving a Canadian serial killer, a screenplay, and a novel in linked stories. Flora’s short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies, including the Sara Paretsky edited collection, Sisters on the Case. She spent seven years as editor and publisher at Level Best Books. Flora is a former international president of Sisters in Crime, and a founding member of the New England Crime Bake conference. She teaches writing for Grub Street in Boston. Her third police procedural, Redemption, was published in 2012.

New Babies:

Redemption e-book: ISBN: 9781614174592

Playing God: July, 2013 Sennebec Hill Press. Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-0-989767-0-3




Blood Moon: Best New England Crime Stories. Level Best Books, November 2012.







Redemption. Flora, Kate (Author)   Mar 2012. 366 p.  Five Star, hardcover, $25.95. (9781594153792).
When Detective Sergeant Joe Burgess of the Portland (Maine) Police Department finds his friend Reggie Libby drowned in the harbor, he is determined to bring the killer to justice. Reggie, a Vietnam vet who was mentally ill and had fallen on hard times, had apparently started a new job recently. Joe and his colleagues work to determine his place of employment and his movements before his death by interviewing Reggie’s fellow streetpeople and his relatives, including his vindictive former wife and indifferent son. On the home front, Joe’s live-in girlfriend wants to adopt two foster children, and Joe doesn’t feel ready to be a parent. As always, Joe immerses himself in his case, causing problems in his personal life. Framed by the challenges streetpeople face in large cities, this compelling, fast-paced police procedural offers a complex plot, rich with details of conducting a murder investigation and insight into the rigors of the cop’s life. — Sue O’Brien

Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0067MQ7XE Dead of Winter


Eight never-before-published stories from well-known crime writers.




Thea Kozak series

 “…Thea is not a professional private eye. She is a professional consultant to private schools, but when it comes to cloak and dagger–or whatever the private eye equivalent is–she outdoes all her contemporaries. She is big and beautiful (green eyes and irrepressible hair.) Her boyfriend is a to-die-for Maine state trooper and she has a lot of trouble making a serious commitment.

“Maybe it’s because Flora’s books are so thoroughly grounded in reality and accurate in detail that Thea Kozak never really slips the surly bonds of real life –though she sure pushed the envelope. Her exploits smack of the superhuman, but her emotions, thoughts, feelings, reactions and responses are instantly recognizable to the rest of us ordinary beings.” – Carolyn Marsh, editor of the Camden (Maine) Herald

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Joe Burgess Series

My Joe Burgess police procedurals set in Portland, Maine, were inspired by the amount of a time a mystery writer must spend with the cops in order to get things right. I welcomed the challenge of trying to write a trio of male cops, and was thrilled when reviewers gave the books starred reviews, and wrote:

Flora’s dazzling debut police procedural introduces Sgt. Joe Burgess, a crusty but bighearted Portland, Maine, cop. “This case has everything,” Joe says of a murder he’s investigating, “unhappy wife, angry ex. Hookers. Drugs. Money problems. Maybe blackmail.” The distinctly unsympathetic victim, Dr. Stephen Pleasant, is found in his Mercedes with his pants down, a rod rammed down his throat and two shades of lipstick smeared on his chest. It turns out he had a three-hooker-a-week habit, and one of the suspects is Alana Black, a sexy young prostitute Burgess has been trying to help for years. But evidence suggests another woman at the scene and tracking her down proves difficult and dangerous for Alana and Joe, testing his tenacity, patience and faith—not only as he pursues justice but as he faces his personal demons. Flora (Finding Amy: A True Story of Murder in Maine) leaves some tantalizing loose ends at the conclusion, hinting at future entries in this promising new series.- Publishers Weekly

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Redemption (Feb. 2012)

Non-series books:

Finding Amy: A True Story of Murder in Maine (sample story: http://tinyurl.com/4383u6l)
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Steal Away (a suspense novel written as Katharine Clark)
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Kate Flora’s short stories appear in all of the Level Best Crime Stories by New England authors collections:

Still Waters

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Dead Calm (Nov. 2011)

As well as the Sara Paretsky-edited collection, Sisters on the Case

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