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Dick is the author of the Elder Darrow Jazz Mystery series, the story of an alcoholic who walks into a dive bar in Boston . . . and buys it. Solo Act was a Finalist for the Maine Literary Award in Crime Fiction in 2017 and In Solo Time won the award in 2018. The third book in the series, Burton's Solo, came out in 2018 and Last Call at the Esposito in 2019. Sweetie Bogan's Sorrow was published in 2020, to thunderous pandemic acclaim. The sixth book in the series, Mickey's Mayhem, will come out in 2021. Dick lives and writes in Cape Elizabeth.

Querencia, Revisited

For various reasons, including a big number birthday and a major transition for my parents, I’m taking some time off from writing for the blog. I hope to return in the fall sometime. For now, I hope you’ll enjoy a … Continue reading

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New Maine, Old Maine, What’s Maine?

The annual NYT summer notice of Maine came out last week, and while I give them credit for trying to get vacationers north of Brunswick and west of 95, it’s still the kind of fluff that glosses over some of … Continue reading

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What I Thought, What I Got

Back in the dim reaches of 1969, I was preparing to graduate from high school. As often happens at a recognizable turning point, I was perplexed about what came next and found myself in conversation with my employer at the … Continue reading

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The in Loss

Getting a little philosophical this morning, so if it’s early and you just want to drink your coffee in peace, I absolve you of responsibility. It’s been a strange couple of weeks on Trout Brook, and bound to get stranger, … Continue reading

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Spring Forward, Looking Back

Whole lotta lessons lurking in the past year, not the least of which is an introvert can really miss the company of people. I’m not going to dwell on the losses, which are many and multifarious, but there have been … Continue reading

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Walking in Winter

This is the first winter in many years I haven’t spent working out in a gym, for the obvious reasons, and other than not having that reason to warm my car up in the morning, I’ve been surprised to find … Continue reading

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Progress or Pork?

Several months later, I’m still feeling irked about Bill Green, Susan Collins’s smiling pal, who apparently couldn’t give up the spotlight and decided to stump for her. A good deal of what irritates me is his after-the-fact commentary that it … Continue reading

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Plotter to Pantser to Driving Through the Dark

If the pandemic and quarantining have done anything for me, it’s forced me into some long-term organization I might not have gotten to otherwise. In the first month of lockdown, I organized my book by major topic categories, then alphabetically … Continue reading

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All Hail the MacGuffin

I had a very long and unhappy screed teed up about the Senatorial race here in Maine, the disingenuous clowning of Bill Green pretending he was only doing a favor for a friend, and how nativism in the state becomes … Continue reading

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Obligatory Self-Promotion (scroll past if you like): Hope you’ll join me for a virtual book launch for Sweetie Bogan’s Sorrow, the fifth (!) in the Elder Darrow jazz mystery series. Free parking, goofy prizes, and a chance to help support Project … Continue reading

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