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I'm a marine ecology/college professor who never, ever thought I'd write fiction. That assumption changed in an instant as I listened to another scientist - a climatologist named Ray Bradley at UMass, Amherst - describe being harassed by climate change deniers. The idea to write mysteries with climate change understories to help readers understand what's happening to our climate in the context of a fast-paced exciting story came to me out of nowhere. That's what I do in my "Maine Oceanographer Mara Tusconi" series.

Summertime Books

Ah, summer! It’s time for barbeque, beach, and, of course, books that bring us into the season. Here are a few notable ones: The Great Gatsby: F. Scott Fitzgerald creates an atmosphere that is literally and actually stifling – a … Continue reading

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Ah Spring! It is the time of first flowers, warm sun, and, of course, stories. Among those are some terrific spring-themed mysteries to savor. Here are a few: Agatha Christie’s Absent In The Spring is a character-drive psychological analysis of … Continue reading

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Earth Day

On this Earth Day, April 22nd, I look back to the very first Earth Day – what triggered it, what happened where, and what it was like. The year was 1970 and pollution was widespread. Cities like New York were … Continue reading

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Mysteries Set During Wartime

Given what’s happening in Ukraine, I thought I’d recommend a few novels set during a time of war. Top on my list is Jacqueline Winspear’s “The America Agent”. In this story the intrepid Maisie Dobbs investigates the murder of Catherine … Continue reading

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Why I Love Crime Fiction

Maybe I’m suffering from the February blues, but things seem pretty chaotic out there. Just look at the headlines – “Ukraine crisis escalates”, “Flights diverted due to unruly passengers”, “Western megadrought worse in 1200 years”. Even the Olympics, usually pretty … Continue reading

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Authors & Scientists Are Writers

The Shark, The Girl & The Sea, Oceanographer Mara Tusconi mystery number five, has recently been published. Yes, the story features sharks (Great Whites) plus sea kayaking, oceanographic research ships, a bloody death, ups and downs of Mara’s love life, … Continue reading

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How To Solve A Murder??

 Since crimes of all sorts underlie my books, the NY Times piece “What Improves The Chances Of Solving A Murder?” caught my attention. Huh, I thought. I’m really not sure.  Pause for a moment and guess. A solution in the … Continue reading

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Last Book In The Series!

“The Shark, The Girl, & The Sea”, the final book in my Maine Oceanographer Mara Tusconi mysteries, will be “out” in a couple of weeks. I’ve reviewed the electronic version, will look over the actual hardcover book in a couple … Continue reading

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   Translating true events we know something about into a terrific story shouldn’t be hard, right? All the essentials are in hand — what happens plus the characters, the scene, and the plot.  In practice, it is much more challenging … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theories: A Tool For Crime Writers

A recent NY Times essay explains a widespread human behavior crime writers can put to good use: 1) people like conspiracies that go along with their beliefs and 2) there is some truth to every conspiracy theory (which makes them … Continue reading

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