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Time for Thanksgiving – and Crime.

Ah, the week of Thanksgiving. Time for family, friends, food—and crime? It’s true. According to the Journal of Criminal Justice “Crimes of expressive violence were significantly more prevalent on major holidays ….” (2003, vol. 31, pages 351-360). Sad to say, … Continue reading

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Walter Mosley on Writing Fiction

Last week Walter Mosley’s “Elements of Fiction” appeared on my library’s new book display. Delighted, I nabbed it. Mosley is best known for his hard-boiled Easy Rollins series that features a black Los Angeles PI. Maine crime writers will remember … Continue reading

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Today I finished the first edits of book four in my Oceanographer Mara Tusconi mystery series. So it’s time to kick back and celebrate with a glass of wine, right? Alas, not at all. As any author knows very well, … Continue reading

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On Semicolons

Get a handful of writers together and ask them about punctuation—not an unreasonable request—and I guarantee someone will harp about semicolons before long. They wouldn’t be alone. While proper use of punctuation makes a lot of people nervous, the semicolon … Continue reading

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For The Love Of Libraries

This summer I’ve talked about “my transformation from professor to cli-fi mystery writer” in several Maine libraries with more to come. Being not-from-here, this has given me the opportunity to visit little towns I never knew existed. There are about … Continue reading

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Kingsolver on the Power of Fiction

In my last post I drew on the wisdom and experience of E. B. White who wrote from his Brooklin, Maine home about his love of farm implements and animals, seasons, weather, and wordsmithing. Another celebrated writer, this time living, … Continue reading

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