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I'm a marine ecology/college professor who never, ever thought I'd write fiction. That assumption changed in an instant as I listened to another scientist - a climatologist named Ray Bradley at UMass, Amherst - describe being harassed by climate change deniers. The idea to write mysteries with climate change understories to help readers understand what's happening to our climate in the context of a fast-paced exciting story came to me out of nowhere. That's what I do in my "Maine Oceanographer Mara Tusconi" series.

“True” Crime Fiction

I recently watched the latest Elvis film, titled, um, Elvis, featuring Austin Butler in the lead and Tom Hanks as the villain, Colonel Tom Parker. While Butler is a terrific Elvis, Hanks pulls off a remarkable transformation from beloved actor … Continue reading

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Meetin’ The People

Maine Authors Publishing, my publisher, just hosted their annual BookFair event. It’s always a great day because I get to talk with folks who read my books. I have no idea how it is with other writers, but I’m always … Continue reading

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Monarchs & Kingsolver

It’s Monarch time again! The glorious orange and black butterflies have been sighted in Maine, New Hampshire, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I’ve seen them on our lilacs and milkweeds here in Yarmouth, Maine. Monarchs are truly amazing creatures. They … Continue reading

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Summertime Books

Ah, summer! It’s time for barbeque, beach, and, of course, books that bring us into the season. Here are a few notable ones: The Great Gatsby: F. Scott Fitzgerald creates an atmosphere that is literally and actually stifling – a … Continue reading

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Ah Spring! It is the time of first flowers, warm sun, and, of course, stories. Among those are some terrific spring-themed mysteries to savor. Here are a few: Agatha Christie’s Absent In The Spring is a character-drive psychological analysis of … Continue reading

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Earth Day

On this Earth Day, April 22nd, I look back to the very first Earth Day – what triggered it, what happened where, and what it was like. The year was 1970 and pollution was widespread. Cities like New York were … Continue reading

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Mysteries Set During Wartime

Given what’s happening in Ukraine, I thought I’d recommend a few novels set during a time of war. Top on my list is Jacqueline Winspear’s “The America Agent”. In this story the intrepid Maisie Dobbs investigates the murder of Catherine … Continue reading

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Why I Love Crime Fiction

Maybe I’m suffering from the February blues, but things seem pretty chaotic out there. Just look at the headlines – “Ukraine crisis escalates”, “Flights diverted due to unruly passengers”, “Western megadrought worse in 1200 years”. Even the Olympics, usually pretty … Continue reading

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Authors & Scientists Are Writers

The Shark, The Girl & The Sea, Oceanographer Mara Tusconi mystery number five, has recently been published. Yes, the story features sharks (Great Whites) plus sea kayaking, oceanographic research ships, a bloody death, ups and downs of Mara’s love life, … Continue reading

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How To Solve A Murder??

 Since crimes of all sorts underlie my books, the NY Times piece “What Improves The Chances Of Solving A Murder?” caught my attention. Huh, I thought. I’m really not sure.  Pause for a moment and guess. A solution in the … Continue reading

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