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I'm a marine ecology/college professor who never, ever thought I'd write fiction. That assumption changed in an instant as I listened to another scientist - a climatologist named Ray Bradley at UMass, Amherst - describe being harassed by climate change deniers. The idea to write mysteries with climate change understories to help readers understand what's happening to our climate in the context of a fast-paced exciting story came to me out of nowhere. That's what I do in my "Maine Oceanographer Mara Tusconi" series.

How To Solve A Murder??

 Since crimes of all sorts underlie my books, the NY Times piece “What Improves The Chances Of Solving A Murder?” caught my attention. Huh, I thought. I’m really not sure.  Pause for a moment and guess. A solution in the … Continue reading

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Last Book In The Series!

“The Shark, The Girl, & The Sea”, the final book in my Maine Oceanographer Mara Tusconi mysteries, will be “out” in a couple of weeks. I’ve reviewed the electronic version, will look over the actual hardcover book in a couple … Continue reading

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   Translating true events we know something about into a terrific story shouldn’t be hard, right? All the essentials are in hand — what happens plus the characters, the scene, and the plot.  In practice, it is much more challenging … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theories: A Tool For Crime Writers

A recent NY Times essay explains a widespread human behavior crime writers can put to good use: 1) people like conspiracies that go along with their beliefs and 2) there is some truth to every conspiracy theory (which makes them … Continue reading

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Celebrating Christie’s One Hundred and One Published Years

Agatha Christie, who wrote sixty-six detective novels and fourteen short story collections (!), began her famed writing career 101 years ago. We can thank Christie’s sister who jump-started the famous author’s calling. According to literary lore, Agatha bet her sibling … Continue reading

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As with pretty much everything from Catching Butterflies to Cooking Bread, you’ll find “how to” advice for creating book titles on the web.   An article that begins with “a good book title can mean the difference between a bestseller … Continue reading

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Charlene D’Avanzo: As crime writers, we populate our stories with all manner of bad, dangerous people—liars, cheats, swindlers, and of course murderers. My own books include guys who’ve tried to drown my protagonist Mara, slam into her kayak with a motorboat, … Continue reading

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I dedicate today’s post to George Smith, ground-breaking Maine outdoorsman, tireless writer of outdoor activities, travel and legislative issues, and director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine for nearly two decades. George died this week at 72 following his ALS … Continue reading

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The Writers’ Ah-hah and Uh-Oh

Like so many these days, I’m not sleeping like I used to. For the most part, it’s not pandemic worries that keep me awake at three in the morning. Instead, it’s what I’ll call “the new book syndrome”. I’m working … Continue reading

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Bill Bryson: An Author Driven By Curiosity About Nearly Everything

Of the very few books that are enduring residents on my night table Bill Bryon’s “A History of Nearly Everything” sits right on top. At 500-plus pages, it’s no small read so I’ll have bedtime company for a long while. … Continue reading

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