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Memories of Traveling, Redux

For me, New England’s long winter months require a general re-think—particularly this year, gripped as I am by nostalgia for a time we could all travel freely and vacation together. Thus this revisiting of one of my favorite posts from … Continue reading

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Housekeeping in the Time of Covid

While poking around online the other day, I ran across an article entitled “48 Things That Will Help Lazy People Be Way Cleaner”—a poorly titled but interesting compendium of products designed to make cleaning the family manse more efficient, less … Continue reading

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Any Other Year…

Darcy Scott again, thinking about how if this were any other year I’d be knee-deep in extensive New Years Eve food prep right about now—cooking up a storm in frenzied anticipation of hosting family and friends. But this time around … Continue reading

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Losing Mimi

Not quite a month ago, I lost a dear friend of more than 30 years to the coronavirus—Madeline Schofer Smith, a feisty redhead of German descent some 85 years young. Still can’t wrap my mind around it, let alone my … Continue reading

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Feng Shui and the Art of Book Sales

Darcy Scott, again, this month reminiscing about the time, a few years back, that my publisher asked me to cobble together a talk about attracting customers at book shows, fairs and the like—something we billed as a mini-course tying some … Continue reading

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Good Grief

I originally had an entirely different, fall-themed post planned for today, but it seems I’m unable to wrest my thoughts from memories of my mother-in-law, Lois, who died seven years ago this month at the well-seasoned age of 87. Seems … Continue reading

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A Little of This, a Little of That

Darcy Scott, here. Maybe twice a year I share some thoughts on the books I’ve been reading and, it being August and thus the month my husband and I drop all semblance of responsibility and head off for a month … Continue reading

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Potato, PoTAHto: Notes from the Ship’s Galley

Darcy Scott here, coming to you mid-summer from the good ship Skater, where cooking, like writing, is a decidedly creative endeavor—one often wildly impulsive in direction, especially when unforeseen culinary substitutions become necessary. In our case, this most often occurs … Continue reading

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Just When Did I Stop Paying Attention?

Darcy Scott once again, ruminating on the weird things that have been happening in my neck of the woods since Covid 19 came to call.   Crazy times, right? I’m tempted to pause and waft philosophical about such things as hunches … Continue reading

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Narrowboating in the UK: A Different Kind of Cruise

I feel a bit guilty for not dedicating my Memorial Day post to the many brave souls past and present, military and medical, who’ve done and continue to do so much for us all, but I’ve become so worn down … Continue reading

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