Maine Crime Writers and Libraries

Kate Flora, behind the amazing podium at the Portland Public Library

In honor of Library week, here are some photos from various libraries we’ve visited over the years. It’s always a thrill to talk to readers, and where better to find them than in a local library?

Jen Blood, Kathy Emerson/Kaitlyn Dunnett, and Lea Wait at the New Gloucester library in 2016

Kate Flora, Kathy/Kaitlyn, Lea, and Julia Spencer-Fleming at Wells Library in 2006

Lea, Kate, and Kathy/Kaitlyn at the New England Library Association conferece in 2013

Kathy (pre Kaitlyn) at the Clifton Park library in NY state in 2004. I followed Tess Gerritsemn in that year’s lineup

Don’t you love how the hairstyles change?

With Bruce Coffin & Anne & Paula from Mainely Murders @ Kennebunk library

Maine authors day at Guilford Library

Bath library sponsored mystery writers at the Farmer’s Market

Kate Flora, Barbara Ross and Brenda Buchanan at Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick

Brenda Buchanan at Winter Harbor Public Library

Kate and Roger at the Pittsfield Public Library

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  2. jselbo says:


  3. Julianne Spreng says:

    I get so jealous of all the in person author talks you post. Our local libraries very rarely host author events though we have many Ohio authors. There is a book fair gathering in Wooster held once a year at which .over a hundred authors are in attendance. It’s wonderful but so congested and definitely not the same as an author talk.

    We had a book store in Mansfield that regularly held well-attended author events but the owner closed it in order to sell the property for a hefty profit. The Wooster Book Company, an indy book store in Wooster, closed just before the pandemic because the owners retired. The only one left is a used book store also in Wooster.

    I follow Mainely Murders Bookstore. Thank you for the photo of Anne and Paula!

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