Win a Book Wednesday: June 23, 2021

It’s Win a Book Wednesday. To enter a drawing for a copy of Kathy Lynn Emerson’s I Kill People for a Living: A Collection of Essays by a Writer of Cozy Mysteries, simply leave a comment below.


Here’s the book description:

In this unique compilation of 115 essays written between 2011 and 2021, Kathy Lynn Emerson, author of over sixty traditionally-published books in a variety of genres and under several names, writes about everything from how to conquer the sagging middle of a work-in-progress to the adoption of  her current cat-in-residence. Other topics highlight eccentricities—her own, a few from her family tree, and those to be found in the rural Western Maine mountains where she lives. Best known for her cozy mysteries, written as Kaitlyn Dunnett, and for historical mysteries written under her own name, Kathy Lynn Emerson has also been published in non-fiction, including the award-winning How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries.

The winner will be announced in the June 26-27 Weekend Update. Good luck!

MORE WIN A BOOK OPPORTUNITY To win a copy of Sandra Neily’s Deadly Trespass, just leave a comment below with the title of the book and your email address. Sandra’s an award winning author (grew up in East Boothbay, Maine) and Deadly Trespass is reviewed as:

“…a beautiful book that brilliantly captures the battle to conserve Maine’s mythical woods…” Ron Joseph, wildlife biologist & Down East Magazine author

“… exceptional, jaw-dropping TALENT…” Women’s Fiction Writers Association finalist

“…an environmental murder mystery, where the stakes are high and a vanishing world inspires violence.” Mystery Writers of America, national award

“…reminiscent of good contemporary American authors such as Joy Williams, Joanna Scott, and Cheryl Strayed”  SPR (5 stars)

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22 Responses to Win a Book Wednesday: June 23, 2021

  1. Jane says:

    This book is definitely on my wish list… and what a brilliant title!

  2. chickadee04287 says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your essays.

  3. Kay Garrett says:

    “I Kill People for a Living” sounds like a fabulously intriguing book and one I would very much enjoy having the opportunity to read. Being made up of many essay, it would be the perfect read for those times when I only have a few minutes to relax.

    Just the wonderful cover on “Deadly Trespass” would have me checking out this book. Then seeing that it’s a Maine mystery would hit it up a notch too. One of our dream trips was to go to Maine in the fall. We achieved that goal a few years back and can’t wait for the chance to go back. Would love the opportunity to read this book which is now on my TBR list.

    Shared and hoping to be the fortunate one selected. Thank you for the chance!
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  4. Nancy Cantwell says:

    Your books are all awesome, I’ve read most of them. And your adoption of Shadow was a wonderful act of kindness

  5. Alice says:

    During these difficult times, what a joy to read your books. As a friend of Lea’s, thank you for caring for Shadow.

    • kaitlynkathy says:

      Thanks, Alice. As for Shadow, she’s turned out to be a real character! It’s been no hardship at all to make her part of our family.

  6. Shelley Burbank says:

    This collection sounds thrilling, Kathy. 🙂 Even if I don’t win a copy, I think I’ll have to add this one to my library. (PS: Really enjoyed reading KILT DEAD this winter.)

  7. Julia Hunter says:

    Kathy, I’ve spent many happy hours with your characters, and I’m looking forward to reading this collection!

  8. Fortney, Sally says:

    I love Kathy/Kaitlyn’s books. Stay safe and well.

  9. Jane Nelson says:

    As you probably know by now, I love all your books, whether written as Kathy or Kaitlyn, whatever the genre! here’s to many more.

  10. KarenM says:

    I tried to buy a copy but could not find one. Thanks for the offer to win a copy.

    • kaitlynkathy says:

      If you don’t win, you should be able to order a copy from Barnes & Noble, Target, or Amazon, or you can ask an Independent bookseller to order a copy for you.

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