More living (and writing) in the great state of Maine

As regular readers know, I’ve been thundering around Maine in the Subaru, and posting some of the photos from my travels here.

Someone who is a regular visitor to Maine’s coast from out of state (I guess not a regular reader) recently wondered to me if there was “anything interesting” in inland Maine.

There is.

Here’s some of it from my travels just in the last three days.

Visited Swan Island — the one in the Kennebec River, not off the coast — which is a preserve of the state Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. It used to be a town, and some of the houses are still there, including this one, built in 1787.

Was driving on U.S. Route 201 just north of Skowhegan, and saw a sign for “Robbins Hill Scenic Area.” I checked it out, and it was.

I’m a sucker for anything to do with Benedict Arnold’s ill-fated march to Quebec City. There are historical markers all up and down the Kennebec River, as well as in Frankllin County. This one is particularly poignant, where they had to cross the Kennebec then portage their 400-pound bateaux and supplies up and down steep cliffs. Route 201 just north of West Forks.

Another scenic view, this one just south of Jackman. Attean Lake is named after Joseph Attean, the first elected chief of the Penobscots, and also Henry Thoreaus guide on one of his trips to Maine. Attean died on a Penobscot River log drive attempting to save his crew as the boat broke up on rapids.

There’s a lot more, just from the last three or four days, but this is a sampling. Except for Swan Island, none of this was an intentional trip. These are just the types of things you  come across as you travel around Maine.

I strongly suggest to everyone that this summer you grab your Maine Atlas & Gazzetteer (GPS isn’t always reliable) and hit the Maine roads. When a sign says “scenic view,” stop and check it out. When there’s a historical marker, check that out, too. Stop in if the historical society or museum you pass is open. You’ll be thrilled and amazed at what you may find.

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3 Responses to More living (and writing) in the great state of Maine

  1. kaitlynkathy says:

    Great photos, Maureen. And I’ll second that advice about not depending on GPS. Totally useless in most rural areas of Maine. Besides, everyone should learn how to use a road map. It’s a basic life skill.

  2. So envious. Every summer I plan to take road trips; every summer I am chained to my desk finishing a book. Thanks for the vicarious journey, Maureen.


  3. Lynn Marie Pelletier says:

    Great pictures and commentary. More please.

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