Weekend Update: September 1-3, 2018

Next week at Maine Crime Writers, there will posts by Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson (Tuesday), Sandy Neily (Wednesday), Dick Cass (Thursday), and Lea Wait (Friday).

In the news department, here’s what’s happening with some of us who blog regularly at Maine Crime Writers:

from Kaitlyn Dunnett:  From August 30 until September 30, all major e-book retailers are reducing the price of the first Liss MacCrimmon mystery, Kilt Dead, to $1.99. The regular price is $5.99. If you missed how it all started, this is your chance to catch up.

from Sandra Neily: I will be speaking about my novel Deadly Trespass at the Simpson Memorial Library, in Carmel Maine (easy to reach anywhere from Newport to Bangor) on September 6 at 6:30 PM. I’ll be giving away a free copy but also sharing  other authors who infuse their plots, characters, and themes with the natural world. You can find  a copy of “Nature Themed Fiction” recommendations at https://www.authorsandraneily.com/naturebased-fiction/



Kate Flora is pleased to share the news that her crime story collection, Careful What You Wish For is available on Amazon. Currently as an e-book, soon as a physical book as well. https://www.amazon.com/Careful-What-You-Wish-Retribution-ebook/dp/B07G2NJ3DZ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1535575579&sr=8- 1&keywords=Kate+Flora+Careful+What+You+Wish+For


An invitation to readers of this blog: Do you have news relating to Maine, Crime, or Writing? We’d love to hear from you. Just comment below to share.

And a reminder: If your library, school, or organization is looking for a speaker, we are often available to talk about the writing process, research, where we get our ideas, and other mysteries of the business. Contact Kate Flora

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