Could Be Worse!

Jessie: Feeling a bit of cabin fever

I don’t know about all of you but I’m beginning to feel a bit done with the snow. Just last week most of my backyard was clear of the white stuff. Since then we’ve picked up an additional 24 inches.

Mostly I’m just grateful that we have a new furnace, that I work from home  and that my yarn stash is big enough to weather the whole rest of the winter without the need for a trip to the yarn store. Still, even with those sorts of Pollyanna thoughts, I confess the weather is getting me a little down.

When it gets to be this late in the winter and the snow is still coming down there’s only one thing left to do. Somehow there’s just something so satisfying about reading books and watching shows set in places even colder than northern New England. It does the heart good to know some places have even less light and even deeper snow drifts than we do in my village. I find it even more engaging if I watch these foreign shows while working out on my treadmill.  I love working up a sweat while focusing on subtitles.

It makes me feel like there’s even more of a temperature discrepancy than there really is.

These are the things that have gotten me through this winter:

Trapped-This police drama is set in small-town Iceland during a terrible storm.  Arson,  a mangled corpse and an avalanche keep the plot moving despite the weather.

Bordertown-This Finnish police procedural is set on the Russian border and follows the adventures of a quirky detective who has relocated from the big city to his wife’s small hometown.

Fortitude-There’s nothing like background shots of the Arctic to make you feel grateful for the length of your own winter. With a population of just over 700 people the police force in this isolated town are poorly equipped to solve a murder clumsily disguised as a polar bear attack.

Cardinal-This starkly shot police drama features an appealing protagonist and unrelenting swaths of the white stuff.

Readers, how do you get through the winter when the forecast is unrelenting? 

About Jessie Crockett

Jessie Crockett wears a lot of hats, both literally and literarily. As Jessie Crockett she is the Daphne Award winning author of Live Free or Die and the nationally bestselling Sugar Grove series. As Jessica Ellicott she has received starred reivews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal for her historical mystery Murder in an English Village. As Jessica Estevao she writes the Agatha Award nominated Change of Fortune Mysteries. She loves the beach, fountain pens, Mini Coopers and throwing parties. She lives in northern New England where she obsessively knits wool socks and enthusiastically speaks Portuguese with a shocking disregard for the rules of grammar.
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5 Responses to Could Be Worse!

  1. Gram says:

    As we did yesterday, we sit in front of the fireplace and read! This time we got at least 23″, but did not lose power. Last time we lost power, phone, TV, Internet…Thankful to have a generator though.

  2. Barbara Ross says:

    I’m lucky enough to be away from the storm, but we’ve still been binge watching at night. Worked our way through the entire Anne Cleeves TV ouevre: all 8 seasons of Vera and all of Shetland. We loved both. Are the shows you’re recommending subtitled? I don’t like subtitles, though my husband loves them.

  3. I am curious about the subtitles, too. Can’t cook and watch subtitled movies!

  4. Vida Antolin Jenkins says:

    Ooooh, thanks for the great list! I escape into history-Egyptian pyramid sleuthing, anyone? Or Cadfael.

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