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The Journey Continues

In my post on July 14, we embarked on a canoe/kayak trip from Sinclair on Long Lake to Limestone Point on Square Lake. After an amazing night in which we were able to observe the galaxy in all of its … Continue reading

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Weekend Update: July 23-24, 2016

Next week at Maine Crime Writers there will be posts by Jessie Crockett (Monday), Barb Ross (Tuesday), Maureen Milliken (Wednesday), Kate Flora (Thursday), and Brendan Rielly (Friday). And in our special “A Day In . . . “ series, Vaughn Hardacker will post a blog … Continue reading

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The Devil May or May Not be in the Details

Back in the days when I was the World’s Oldest Living Graduate Student, I submitted a story to a fiction workshop that featured an old woman fly-fishing in an Alaskan river and the things that happened to her. What surprised … Continue reading

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Lea Wait's Wiscasset

No; I don’t live in Wiscasset, Maine, the harbor village twelve miles from the Atlantic, on the Sheepscot River, about an hour north of Portland. But when I decided to write a series of books set in one typical northern … Continue reading

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Feast or Famine: A New Series is in the Works

Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson here, living proof that a long writing career includes both feast and famine. I’ve been through several famines. Just now, I’m lucky enough to be in a feast stage. The next few years are going to … Continue reading

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A (Choose Your Own Adventure) Day in Portland, Maine

I first laid eyes on Portland nearly twenty years ago, and I’ve lived here for fifteen. It’s a marvelous place to call home—small enough that its rhythms quickly become familiar, but vibrant enough that I still don’t feel as if I’ve … Continue reading

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Where I Get My Ideas

Dorothy Cannell: I recently told my husband Julian that I was turning into Miss Marple. “An urge to sit knitting something white?” he asked. “No. My wild knitting days are long behind me. I’m talking about seeing wickedness at every turn.” … Continue reading

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