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Life Between Worlds

Dorothy Cannell, freshly out of writer’s jail, has this to report: This past month has been another of those times when I exist in a fuzzy state of being on reaching the end of a book, this one Death in Dovecote … Continue reading

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Susan Vaughan here. Recent revelations of government mass collection of emails and other spying have prompted me to consider how my research for books might trigger FBI or NSA attention. When I began writing romantic suspense, researching meant walking into … Continue reading

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Weekend Update: September 27-28, 2014

Next week at Maine Crime Writers there will be posts by Susan Vaughan (Monday), Dorothy Cannell (Tuesday), John Clark (Wednesday), Sarah Graves (Thursday), and Kate Flora (Friday). In the news department, here’s what’s happening with some of us who blog regularly at … Continue reading

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A Few of My Favorite Witticisms

James Hayman: One of my great pleasures is chuckling over the wit of others. In this blog I’d like to share a few of the great one (and two and three) liners from some of my favorite writers, performers, actors, … Continue reading

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Living in Maine vs Vacationing

Lea Wait, here. And although many people (from away) now consider me a Maine writer, I am very conscious of the fact that a) I was born in Boston. And b) I’ve only lived in Maine full-time since 1998. Of … Continue reading

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Stephen King’s Mystery Solved

When Stephen King was just two years old, his father went out for cigarettes and never returned. “When people ask you why he left,” his mother would instruct, “say he’s in the Navy and that he’s at sea.” She’d follow … Continue reading

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A Rose by Any Other Name

Al Lamanda here. When I was a kid in school in New York, in The Bronx, especially grades six through eight, every kid in my class had a really cool nickname except one. Me. My friends were called Ack-Ack, Muskie, … Continue reading

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