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Spring Cleaning

            Dorothy Cannell : My 2014 New Year’s resolution was to get dug into 2013’s spring cleaning.  Several years ago I read or heard that the best way to preserve wood furniture was to paste wax … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts on Cussing in Cozies

Not too long ago, I received an email from a reader taking me to task because Liss MacCrimmon, my amateur sleuth, after her earliest, cuss-free adventures, had started swearing. In this reader’s opinion, if I understood it correctly, swearing disqualifies … Continue reading

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Somethin’ Happening in Here

Hey all. Gerry Boyle here.  And I’m feeling sort of nostalgic. This is partly because I’ve had a lot of interest from publishers of late in my backlist, AKA my early books that are hard to find. Gratifying to know … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

Jayne Hitchcock here – There’s one question that never fails to get asked when I’m doing a book signing or speaking at a conference or school or library: Is that your real last name? Why yes, it is. Then: Are … Continue reading

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Weekend Update: February 15-16, 2014

Next week at Maine Crime Writers we’ll be featuring posts from Jayne Hitchcock(Monday) Gerry Boyle (Tuesday), Kaitlyn Dunnett (Wednesday), Dorothy Cannell(Thursday), and Vicki Doudera (Friday).  In the news department, here’s what’s happening with some of us who blog regularly at … Continue reading

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Role Models?

Kate Flora here, watching the snow come down. For lunch today, I was eating a bowl of lentil soup and reading about Diana Nyad in the New Yorker. When I was growing up on a farm in Union, Maine, I … Continue reading

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Fallout: Three Windows on How Mental Health Issues Cast a Wide Net of Pain

John Clark: I planned to post something called “Corpses, Love at First Sight and Other Causes of My Lifelong Insanity” today, but the book I finished this morning, coupled with two I read a week ago were so striking they deserve … Continue reading

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