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Getting to Know Your Characters

Kaitlyn Dunnett here, author of the Halloween-themed mystery Vampires, Bones, and Treacle Scones. It’s a cozy mystery set in the fictional western Maine village of Moosetookalook, peopled by a goodly number of slightly eccentric characters, many of whom appear in … Continue reading

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The Last Days of Autumn in Maine

Hey, all. Gerry Boyle here, and I had this whole post written in my head (composed while I was driving today) about how this blog reaches interesting people, including a couple of publishers who read my last installment about digital … Continue reading

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Kate Asks Barb about the Grub Street Launch Lab

Recently, Kate Flora asked Barb Ross about what she learned being a part of the Grub Street Launch Lab pilot. We thought you might like to listen in on their conversation. Kate: Barb, in anticipation of your new Clambake series, … Continue reading

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Sunday Update: October 20, 2013

Next week at Maine Crime Writers we’ll be featuring posts from Barb Ross (Monday), Gerry Boyle (Tuesday), Kaitlyn Dunnett (Wednesday), Vicki Doudera (Thursday), and Lea Wait (Friday). In the news department, here’s what’s happening with some of us who blog … Continue reading

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Remembering Amy St. Laurent

The book begins like this: It is every parent’s nightmare–your child goes out on Saturday night and vanishes off the face of the earth.It is also, sadly, something that happens far too often–a sensible and independent young woman who thinks … Continue reading

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Funny is good, but rare

John here: It has been my experience as a reader and a librarian that funny is perhaps the most elusive quality for a writer to capture with any consistency. It’s a lot like telling jokes. Most of us can crack … Continue reading

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From Away II

Hi. Barb here. Recently, Kaitlyn Dunnett wrote about whether you can write a Maine cozy mystery without ever visiting Maine. The answer is, apparently you can, but… On the Maine Crime Writers blog, we’ve all come to Maine in different … Continue reading

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