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IT Support

Hi. Barb here. Lea’s chronicle of her computer woes inspired me to bring this post out from my personal archives. Every word of it is still true. The biggest challenge of working at home is the IT support is just … Continue reading

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Gestural Writing

James Hayman:  As the husband of an accomplished practicing artist who often works with the figure, I know my wife often begins what often ends up as a finished drawing, print, encaustic or oil painting with a quick gestural sketch … Continue reading

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Why I Love/Hate My Computer

I’m Lea Wait, and during the past week my computer has given me nightmares. Now, I’m usually a fairly calm person. Go ahead – ask my husband. Ask my children. Well – no – don’t ask my children about when they … Continue reading

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The Mystery You Cannot Solve

Okay — fess up. What’s the enigma that keeps you wondering, the one riddle for which it seems there is absolutely no answer? Is it the perennial question of where socks go to disappear? Mundane, but maddening. The headache over … Continue reading

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How Kaitlyn Revises a WIP

On April 10th, I blogged about the rough draft of my next Liss MacCrimmon Scottish-American Heritage Mystery. (See At that time, I was about to put it aside for at least a month to give this work-in-progress (WIP) a chance … Continue reading

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Mystery Writing: a Matter of Style

Hey all. Gerry Boyle here, fresh off finishing, with my collaboration (and daughter) Emily Westbrooks, a stand-alone crime novel called THE DEAD SAMARITAN. SAMARITAN is still a few months from publication as an e-book but moving from this book to … Continue reading

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When I was growing up on a chicken farm in a small Maine town, money was often tight. Bill collectors really did knock on the door, sometimes the phone got turned off, and there was a large hole in the … Continue reading

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