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It’s Time for the 2013 Cabin Fever Game

Reprising the Cabin Fever Quiz   Pity those poor souls living in places like Arkansas and Mississippi, they’ve never experienced the unique phenomena known as Cabin Fever. If you’re a real Mainer or have lived here for any length of … Continue reading

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What Are You Waiting For?

This is a “ghost post” from John Clark’s late mother, A. Carman Clark, gardener, writer, newspaper columnist, role model: I’m skinny-dipping at dawn, disturbing the glass surface of the pond by rolling like a dolphin. Three loons glide out of … Continue reading

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First Drafts

Hi. Barb here. I’ve written about beginnings and the faith I try to keep with my readers. Now I’ve started writing the first draft of my next Maine Clam Bake Mystery. First drafts are a struggle for me. Once I … Continue reading

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Cash Mob for Longfellow Books

There is little writers love more than their local bookstores. For many of us in Maine, one of our favorite “locals,” no matter where in the state we live, is Longfellow Books in Portland. Long a vital resource for readers … Continue reading

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Children Killing Children

James Hayman:  Most parents will tell you teenagers are stupid.  Even smart teenagers are stupid. Maybe it’s because, as I’ve read, adolescent brains and emotional circuitry are not yet fully formed. Or maybe its just because they haven’t yet had … Continue reading

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Interesting Book Signings

Jayne Hitchcock here – I get asked by friends and family how my book signings are doing and if anything interesting has happened. Pretty much all of them have had some odd moments, fun moments and quiet moments. I wanted … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Lea Wait, here, trying to think of something to write about today. Bartlett’s Quotations lists no memorable words under the heading “Valentine’s Day.” I know, because I just checked. And, after all, this is a day to post something sentimental … Continue reading

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