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Standing Up for Words

As writers, we are constantly telling ourselves to keep our butts in our chairs and get those words on the page. Vicki Doudera here. We’re right to realize that focusing on the task at hand – rather than social networking, … Continue reading

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Tres Paladares, Dining in Cuba by Barbara Ross

Hi. Barb here and just back from a week in Cuba. What was it like? Amazing, overwhelming, incredible. Let me just say this, if you ever have a chance, GO. I’m still processing everything I saw, heard and felt. It’s … Continue reading

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Dick Francis, Still Kicking

Hey all. Gerry Boyle here. Taking a bit of a trip down memory lane but, hey, it’s winter in Maine. That means it’s 10-below and I’m sitting by the fire . And reading Dick Francis. This was prompted by a question … Continue reading

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In My Little Black Book – Part 1 – A Sense of Place

Kate Flora here, writing from the other coast. I’ve written before about the distraction of reading books in my genre when I’m deeply into a story of my own. Today’s post is a variation on that–the distraction of reading books … Continue reading

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Our Bucket Lists

Lea Wait:  Sorting through papers this month (January is that sort of month) I found a sheet of yellow legal paper dated July 6, 2000 on which I’d written a list of goals. I’d moved to Maine 18 months before then, … Continue reading

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The Librarian’s View-What Lies Beneath

Without the underneath, there is nothing, Grasshopper. John Here: When I finished Heidi Hoerman’s cataloging class at the University of South Carolina, I looked at my fellow students and said, “Hell will freeze over before I’ll be a cataloger.” That … Continue reading

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Source Material

Lately I seem to be in a nostalgic mood, thinking about sources of inspiration and other things that have had an influence on my writing. This may be because I’m at the beginning of a new book, one that will … Continue reading

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