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When the only justice is made up

Hey all. Gerry Boyle here, and I have to confess that my heart isn’t in this. It’s been a difficult week, from a distance or up close. After the Newtown shootings, I joined the rest of the country. Stunned. Paralyzed. … Continue reading

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Why I’m Scared of Christmas Trees

Kate Flora here, taking a break from frantically writing toward a deadline to chat about a totally unwriterly subject: the holiday tree and other sources of seasonal angst. I grew up in a traditional small town household where everyone had a … Continue reading

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Occasional dispatches from the Maine wilderness-The 4:15 Snowplow and NANOWRIMO

  Sounds play a big part in my real and writing lives. When we moved from Chelsea to Hartland, one of my nonnegotiable conditions was that we had to have a metal roof. Our Chelsea home had suffered a fire … Continue reading

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Falling Through the Ice

Paul Doiron here— The other day, while I was driving, I noticed a person standing on a half-frozen pond. I have no idea what he was doing out there, but the first ice of the winter seems to do strange … Continue reading

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The Books I want to be given, the ones that I will give

Kate Flora here, leading off a group post about giving, and getting, books for the holidays. When I was   growing up on the farm in Union, one of the most special events of the season was getting the Brentano’s catalogue. … Continue reading

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Hello From a True Crime Writer

Well, this is my first post on the site! I’ll be writing every month on the 15th and I hope you will enjoy what I post. Today I’d like to introduce myself and how I became a true crime writer: … Continue reading

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Stephen King at UMass Lowell

Hi. Barb here. A week ago today, my husband and I went to hear Stephen King speak at UMass Lowell. It was amazing, and frankly, a bit surreal. First of all, there were more than 3,000 people there. For most … Continue reading

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