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Antiques for Readers and Writers

Lea Wait, here. As many of you know, I’m a born and bred (fourth generation, actually) antique dealer. My great-grandfather immigrated to Boston from Edinburgh and imported antiques, Irish linen, glass, and Belleek, Scottish embroideries and other upscale furnishings for his (short-lived) shop … Continue reading

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Emergency Food

  During the next few weeks, just getting ordinary food onto the table may be a challenge. There will be shopping, card-sending, decorating, parties, caroling, (have I mentioned writing?) guests of all kinds, and of course, cooking, too. But the cooking will … Continue reading

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Research: How Much is Too Much?

Vicki Doudera here, happy to have watched an episode of WCSH TV’s 207 a few nights ago that featured author Dennis Lehane.  I like Lehane’s writing, and I enjoyed meeting him back at New England Crime Bake a few years … Continue reading

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Figuring out the Why Dunit

Next year’s Liss MacCrimmon novel has been turned in and accepted and it’s time to start thinking about the next book in the series, the one that will be out in 2014. I’m in the fortunate position, after writing seven … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Ritual

Hey, all, Gerry Boyle here. And I’m here today to tell you that that I couldn’t have written a single line, a single chapter, a single book without one thing. Red Rose tea. Red Rose has been the key ingredient … Continue reading

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It wouldn’t be the holidays without . . .

Cranberry Relish? Every family has special food that “must” be on the holiday table, or the meal just won’t be the same. At the Clark household, it was stuffing. Or dressing, as my grandmother called it. And it could NOT … Continue reading

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Holiday Music from the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Hi, Kate Flora here. I was just in the kitchen stirring the oatmeal while my unusually energetic toaster tossed bread onto the counter, thinking about holiday music. First, because soon it will be time to start cooking for my annual holiday … Continue reading

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