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Maine Landmarks That (Only) We Know

Sarah Graves: Many famous Maine landmarks are so beautiful that they are loved by people who have never even seen them. The images of our lighthouses, rocky coastlines, mountains, bridges, rivers, and forests are known to millions. But what of the … Continue reading

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The Many Chores of Fall

Vicki Doudera here, thinking that every time autumn rolls around, I’m convinced it is the busiest season of all. Summer can be a bit of a blur what with the lobster bakes, bike rides, book events and tourists, but oddly … Continue reading

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Been there. Done that. Bought the t-shirt.

One of the signs of fall around our house is a change in what I wear when I’m writing. As the weather gets colder, I go from shorts and t-shirts to sweats. I have a lot of t-shirts. When I go to … Continue reading

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Touched by the Long Arm of the Law

Gerry Boyle here. And OK, I have to admit that my fascination with this murder case may have to do with the fact that it happened at the outset of my newspaper career, in a town I came to know … Continue reading

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The Colors of Fall

    Kate Flora here, sitting in the chaos of my torn-apart house. What seemed like a great plan four months ago–making a more workable bedroom and closets–now seems like the fast road to a month-long blinding headache. Right now, three … Continue reading

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Crime Writing Workshops in Maine – a guest post by MWPA Executive Director Joshua Bodwell

Joshua Bodwell is the Executive Director of the non-profit Maine Writers and Publisher’s Alliance,   whose mission is to enrich the cultural life of Maine by supporting writers, publishers, and the literary arts. The MWPA is the only state-wide literary arts … Continue reading

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Tips on Research: Hands-On Research

Welcome to another installment of an irregular series of posts on research. The material that follows is adapted from How To Write Killer Historical Mysteries: The Art and Adventure of Sleuthing Through the Past (Perseverance Press, 2008) by Kathy Lynn … Continue reading

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