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Choices for Crime Writers: The Sleuth’s Love Interest

In the traditional romantic suspense (aka Gothic) novel set up, the heroine meets two attractive men, one good and one evil, only she doesn’t know for certain which is which until near the end of the story. The traditional female … Continue reading

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Reading From a Mystery

Hey all, Gerry Boyle here. About to set out for a reading and I’m puzzling, as always, about what part of the book to choose. I’ve decided on PORT CITY BLACK AND WHITE, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. … Continue reading

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Deadly Animals

Paul Doiron here— Before heading to Monhegan this past weekend—a fog-bound island off the Maine coast where you will always find yourself in need of a good book—I went looking for one to bring with me. I have a teetering … Continue reading

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For Memorial Day – Taps

          Words to Taps (Note: there are no “official” words to Taps below are the most popular.) Day is done, gone the sun, From the hills, from the lake, From the skies. All is well, safely … Continue reading

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What’s the best writing advice you ever got?

Kate Flora here, starting a discussion with my fellow writers about the advice we’ve been given along the way. What are some of the things other writers, or writing teachers, have told you, that stick in your mind and inform … Continue reading

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The Wickedness of Lupine-nappers!

It’s the plant that wonderful author Barbara Cooney wrote about in Miss Rumphius. At this time of year, roadsides along the Maine Turnpike are gaudy with the rich purple blue of wild lupines. Sadly, those same roadside are also often … Continue reading

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A Cruel May

James Hayman:  Perhaps, as T.S. Eliot famously wrote, April is the cruelest month. However, for me and for many other writers in Maine, this year, it feels like May. The past few weeks have been filled with both beautiful weather … Continue reading

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