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A Crimewriter’s Holiday

Gerry Boyle here. And there. I’ve been traveling, visiting family in Ireland, doing some sightseeing in Scotland, and–as they say in these parts–it’s been grand. The other night I was at a house party in Dublin, chatting with some lovely … Continue reading

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In The Beginning

I’ve just started a new book—the eighth in my Thea Kozak series—and the process is reminding me of all the choices and decisions that come into play whenever a new book begins. All of my Thea books have the word … Continue reading

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The Glamorous Life of the Author by Julia Spencer-Fleming

Many people come up to me and say, “Hey! Julia! What’s it like being the glamorous author of bestselling mysteries?” I usually just draw my full-length mink closer to myself and hurry past, but occasionally I like to share glimpses … Continue reading

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Readers of the Lost ARC

Paul Doiron here— First, I’d like to apologize for the title of this post. Apologies also to John Dryden who accurately observed that puns are “the lowest and most groveling kind of wit.” Writers know a thing or two about groveling. … Continue reading

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Lucy Burdette’s Key West Mysteries by Barbara Ross

I’m still in Key West. Yes, I know it’s been warm in New England. Everyone seems to delight in telling me this. My friend and fellow Level Best editor, Mark Ammons wrote to say, “80 degrees here today, no humidity, … Continue reading

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Purloined Prose: Stolen “tales of lust, incest, violence, and straight-up kink…”

Jim Hayman:  A month or so ago I wrote a blog for this site about the growing problem of the wholesale theft and subsequent sale of intellectual property by Internet pirates.  Just this weekend, I came across a related article … Continue reading

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Where Do I Get My Ideas? I Read The Paper

Kate Flora: Part of the fun of being on vacation with good friends is the breakfast table conversation. It  floats from politics to what we’re reading to the latest news, good and bad. This morning, we discussed a recent article in … Continue reading

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