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In Mexico, With Murder on My Mind

by Vicki Doudera The decision was an extremely¬†tough one for me, my husband, and our daughter, Lexi. Spend February vacation in Mexico, Maine (gateway to the Western mountains) or Mexico, Mexico? After some soul searching, we fell back on our … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

Sarah Graves, here — Something about writing makes me hungry for things I don’t have time to make, because I’m too busy writing. But my cravings always win, mostly because my brain goes on strike otherwise. If you too find … Continue reading

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“So, Lea, How Many Books Have You Written?”

My name is Lea Wait, and I’m a writer. That’s the way I sometimes feel I should start the talks I often give at libraries, schools, and organizations.¬†Because, as we all shared on a group blog recently, writers get a … Continue reading

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A Glimpse at Our Works in Progress

Kate Flora here. There has been a lot of discussion on the blog lately about everyone being on deadline for new books. Since I’m always looking ahead for my next good read, I’m hoping some of you will be willing … Continue reading

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Fun Facts about Foreign Editions

Kaitlyn here, but since I’ve yet to have any foreign language editions of my mysteries, I’m blogging today under the two other names I use for writing, Kate Emerson and Kathy Lynn Emerson. This post was prompted by the fact … Continue reading

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The Terror That Is Mystery Writing

Or any other writing, for that matter. Gerry Boyle here, and I don’t mean Stephen King-style terror, that holds readers in its irresistible grip. I mean the terror that’s turned the other way and gets you, the writer, by the … Continue reading

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Acadia the Lobster, With a Candlestick, In the Lighthouse

Kate Flora here, exhibiting typical February madness. So of course you are wondering what on earth the title of this blog means? Well, here it is in a nutshell: Part of what has been keeping me chained to my chair … Continue reading

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