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Forget The Corner Store: Check The Police Blotter!

Lea Wait, reporting. I suspect I’ve watched as many movies and TV shows set in small towns as the next person, and I can’t help noticing that a lot of them have it wrong. Or at least out of date. Almost … Continue reading

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Block That Block

Hi, it’s Sarah Graves coming to you from Football Central, otherwise known as our house in Eastport, Maine. And today when so many blockers will be charging across TV screens, I thought I’d talk about that other kind of block. You … Continue reading

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My Scary Day Job

Vicki here. Last week I was telling a woman about my murder mystery series, and she shivered and asked me how I slept at night after imagining such spooky scenarios. The truth of it is, penning fiction at my comfy … Continue reading

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Homicide With Haggis

Having just passed New Year’s Eve, on which “Auld Lang Syne” is sung by everyone, not just those of Scottish descent, readers may find the name Robert Burns familiar. He was a Scottish poet born in 1739. On January 25, … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Empty Nest

Hi there. Gerry here, talking about some people who are like family. You sit down with them most days, have long chats, ponder their pasts and dwell on their futures. You take pride in their accomplishments, cringe at their blunders, … Continue reading

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How I Didn’t Spend My Summer

Kate’s on vacation this week, so her spot is being ably filled by Chris Roerden, author of the brilliant book about editing your manuscript, Don’t Murder Your Mystery: And Miss Reardon Drinks A Little is a dark comedy that came … Continue reading

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The Ghost Towns of Flagstaff Lake

Paul Doiron here — As I write in the author’s note to The Poacher’s Son, I decided to set part of the story in two Maine villages that no longer exist. In the 1940s the towns of Dead River and Flagstaff … Continue reading

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