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Escape from Ayla Reynolds

Gerry here, and I didn’t expect to be writing this, not now, maybe not ever. I’m talking about the missing toddler Ayla Reynolds, reported missing by her father December 17. But you know that. Everybody knows that, from Matt Lauer … Continue reading

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It’s Never Too Late: Hope For Those Who Dream of Writing

Posted by Kate Flora Many times, when I speak about the writer’s life at libraries, people come up to me after my talk and say, often mournfully, that they’ve always wanted to write, but they’ve put it off for so … Continue reading

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What a Great Place to Find a Body!

Kaitlyn: It happens all the time. A mystery writer is walking along a quiet street, or driving down a deserted road and sees a culvert, or a deserted house, or a construction site. Or he or she is out to dinner … Continue reading

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Barn Free by Julia Spencer-Fleming

When my oldest daughter returns to college, her warm upstairs bedroom becomes my office. From her window, I have the perfect view of what my next door neighbor – formerly Director of Maine Preservation – would call typical Maine vernacular … Continue reading

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Cooking (From)The Books

Lea Wait, here. As many of you know, so far I’ve been published in two genres: historical fiction for young people, and contemporary mysteries for adults. But besides my name on the cover, my books have other characteristics in common.                                                                                          Of my … Continue reading

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Inspiration…and Perspiration

Hi. Barb here. This month I wrote a short story. I won’t give it away, but the central idea of it, the “thing” if you will, is so macabre and weird that people in my writers group asked, “How in … Continue reading

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Maine Literary Awards To Include Awards for Crime and Sci Fi.

Jim Hayman:  Last week Josh Bodwell, the talented and energetic young Executive Director of the Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, sent out a press release announcing that nominations for MWPA’s 2012 Maine Literary Awards were open and that submissions will … Continue reading

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