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Stop Me Before I Cook Again! by Julia Spencer-Fleming

It begins innocently enough with a few “holiday dinner” articles in Southern Living. Then I start taking down the cookbooks – not the day-to-day ones I consult when I need to be reminded how long stuffed pork chops bake, but … Continue reading

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Fire at the Topless Donut Shop

Paul Doiron here— In the novel I’m currently working on I had a character who was a waitress at an unusual eatery. OK, she was a stripper at a topless donut shop. When I sent in the first draft of … Continue reading

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My American Family

Hi Barb here. This is a post from my personal blog three years ago, which I’m repeating here today because it still very much represents how I feel. Christmas Day this year was spent at my husband’s brother’s ex-wife’s cousin’s … Continue reading

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Cooking Our Christmas Goose

  Lea Wait, here. My husband Bob and I live far from daughters, brothers, and sisters, so we spend our holidays cozily together in Maine, dependant on telephone calls, Skype visits, and email to tie us to family and friends. … Continue reading

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Christmas Crimes

Yes… you read that right. Not “chimes,” but “crimes.” It’s Vicki, and I’m starting off a group discussion concerning some of the less charitable acts of real life Grinches that occur during the holidays. It’s a sad but true fact: many criminals see the holidays … Continue reading

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A Heartfelt Plea, Sort Of

In downeast Maine, the late autumn’s unaccustomed mildness has been good for some local tradespeople. It’s too chilly for outdoor house painting, but not for carpenters, roofers, or even excavators to hustle around comfortably, getting another job done and socking … Continue reading

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The Other Tea Party

Vicki here, writing about a crime that happened on this day two hundred and thirty-eight years ago, a notorious event in which the participants (at least three of whom were known to be from Maine) committed vandalism, theft, breaking and … Continue reading

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