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Playing With Numbers

by Kaitlyn Dunnett Today is my sixty-fourth birthday. It is also the date that my forty-fourth book to be published in print format by a royalty-paying publisher appears on bookstore shelves. I’d just as soon forget about that first fact. … Continue reading

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Barbara Ross: An Ambitious Woman

Paul Doiron here — One of the great pleasures for me of becoming part of Maine Crime Writers was getting to know authors after having read (at best in some cases) a single book of theirs or having met them once … Continue reading

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“Use it up, wear it out…” by Julia Spencer-Fleming

Today I want to salute a venerable Maine tradition. It is a recreation area, a standard-bearer for environmentalism, a community center, and a boon to the pocketbooks of Mainers: the town dump. I know. If you live in a big … Continue reading

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Maine Lingo

Paul Doiron here — One of the most difficult decisions an author must make is how to render colloquial speech in dialogue. How do you announce that a character has an accent? Do you do it through diction and the … Continue reading

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Woe is me—Synopses!

Hi. Barb, here. I cannot figure out how this happened, but somehow I’ve ended up writing five synopses in a four week period. Actually, I know how it happened.  I’m finishing up my first cozy mystery and trying to get … Continue reading

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The Gigantic Website That Ate Up the World

By James Hayman Decades ago, one of my favorite Bill Cosby skits was called The Gigantic Chicken-Heart That Ate Up The World. Or maybe it wasn’t the world. Maybe it was just The Gigantic Chicken-Heart That Ate Up the New … Continue reading

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October 17 …… 1777 Lea Wait

Three years ago I wrote a book set during the American Revolution.  It hasn’t been picked up by a publisher yet, but authors never give up on our children, so I hope it will be. I wrote it because schools I … Continue reading

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