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The Wrong Man? Maybe.

By James Hayman I don’t know whether Troy Davis killed police officer Mark McPhail or not. Unfortunately, neither do any of the people who participated in his execution in Georgia two nights ago. Or any of the people in the … Continue reading

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“Warning! Adult Book!” In the Eyes of the Beholder Lea Wait

Since I write in two genres, at book events focusing solely on books for adults OR solely books for children, I often find myself the only author wearing two hats. That’s what happened last weekend. While it felt as though most of the mystery writers … Continue reading

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On Reference Books (and Zombies)

Sunday’s column about writers’ books got me thinking about what else is on my bookshelves. Like most writers, I have a small collection of old faithful volumes that I turn to for bits of detail, facts my characters know but … Continue reading

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Seeing Silver

Vicki here with breaking news: today is my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Although the kids threw us a fabulous party back in August, complete with a terrific dancing band, nearly one hundred people, and wonderful weather, today is the actual day … Continue reading

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The Evolution of an Office

by Kaitlyn Dunnett The discussion of writing off the grid following my last blog here (September 6) got me thinking about the very basic tools of the trade: pen or pencil; ink; typewriter; word processor. I use those tools, for … Continue reading

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What’s On The Crime Writers’ Reference Shelf?

Kate: My students are always asking me about writing books–which ones they should buy, which will be really helpful. Fellow instructors at Grub Street often get into discussions about who can suggest a book which will address a particular problem … Continue reading

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Nature or nurture, good or evil?

Gerry here. It’s been bothering me all week, so much so that I keep Googling this guy’s name, and watching as, like a slow-motion car wreck, the hits come up from all over the world. He’s accused of multiple murders. He’s … Continue reading

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