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The Monster (Dust Bunny) Under the Bed

Kaitlyn Dunnett/Kathy Lynn Emerson here, confessing one of my greatest sins—I’m a lousy housekeeper. If this wasn’t already obvious, it became blindingly apparent the other day when I decided to haul out the things stored beneath our bed as a … Continue reading

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What my dogs taught me about writing. Yes, I’m gonna be that gal.

When I first got a dog 15 years ago, I worried that he wouldn’t like me. That tells you how much I knew about dogs. Now that I’m dogless for the first time in 15 years, how much I learned … Continue reading

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Ten Tips for Tuning Up Your Descriptions

Kate Flora: There are so many challenges facing a writer who is trying to craft fiction that sometimes descriptions fall far down the list. By the time an author has developed a cast of characters, created a plot filled with twists … Continue reading

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Not a holdup, but hands up and shoulders back and keep moving! Because of years of back problems (and now osteoporosis and arthritis) and years of sitting at a keyboard, I’ve collected exercises and advice from various sources. Today I’m … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about sex. Or not. Should writers go there?

Sex. Kind of surprising how much the topic comes up when talking about mystery writing. Or maybe not surprising. I was an English major, and, as all you fellow English majors know, everything is about sex. As most readers who … Continue reading

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